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​​​​​​​Adult Foster Home Provider Alerts provide timely communication about policy updates, rule cla​rifications and general announcements affecting providers, provider homes, provider employees and residents.

20231/24/2023Frequently Cited Violations Report - Q4 2022
202212/27/2022Portland State University (PSU) Questionnaire 2023
202212/27/2022COVID-19 Screening and Reporting Requirements Updates
202212/23/2022Hospital Discharge Incentive Payment Reminder
202212/22/2022Winter Weather Advisory
202212/22/2022Surge Admissions Guidance Reminder
202212/15/2022Licensee Bi-monthly Conference Call
202212/15/2022POLST Updates
202211/29/2022RSV Information and Vaccine/Booster Doses for Flu and COVID-19
202211/15/2022APD AFH OAR Division 49 Housekeeping Rule Update
202210/28/2022Frequently Cited Violations Report
202210/28/2022AFH Discharge Incentive Payment
202210/25/20222022 Adult Foster Home Conference
202210/24/2022New Text Alert System
202210/21/2022Licensee Bi-monthly Conference Call (Rescheduled)
202210/17/2022Paid Leave Oregon Program Information
202210/14/2022Licensee Bi-monthly Conference Call
202210/13/2022Adult Foster Home Insurance Survey
202210/7/2022Long-Term Care Ombudsmen Office Address Update
20229/20/2022Oregon Gerontological Virtual Conference – Register Now
20229/14/2022Substance Use Disorder in Community-based Care ECHO
20229/8/2022Potential Public Safety Power Shutoff
20229/7/2022Reminder September APD AFH End of Life Training
20229/2/2022Provider Payment Issue 
20228/16/2022Licensee Bi-monthly Conference Call Reminder
20228/11/2022Licensee Call Notes
20228/10/2022COVID-19 Screening and Reporting Requirements
20228/3/2022Licensee Bi-monthly Conference Call
20228/2/2022August APD AFH Corrective Action and Due Process Training
20227/26/2022Extreme Weather Forecast - Resources and Information for Safety
20227/20/2022Free Virtual Fair Housing Training
20227/19/2022Senate Bill 1548 Sprinkler and Fire Safety and Suppression Measures Engagement Meeting
20227/11/2022Free In Person Classes from Oregon Care Partners
20227/11/2022Reminder: July APD AFH Physical and Chemical Restraint Training
20226/27/2022July APD AFH Physical and Chemical Restraint Training
20226/24/2022Extreme Heat Advisory - Tips and Resources
20226/22/2022Updated 0448 Forms
20226/21/2022Licensee Bi-monthly Conference Call
20226/15/2022Elder Abuse Awareness and Prevention
20226/6/2022June APD AFH Person-centered Care and Communication Training
20225/18/2022Save The Date - Upcoming APD AFH Training for CEUs
20225/16/2022How to View and Print Your Training Transcripts In Workday Learning
20225/12/2022Guest Speaker Webinar Series & Free In-Person Classes from Oregon Care Partners
20225/5/2022Free In-Person Classes for Oregon Care Partners For May and June
20224/19/2022AFH Owner/ Operators Licensed as an LPN, CNA or CNA with CMA Certification
20224/18/2022 Licensee Bi-monthly Conference Call - Updated Agenda
20224/13/2022Licensee Bi-monthly Call
20224/12/2022Updated Screening Sheet
20224/4/2022Sprinkler Requirement Pause
20223/31/2022Executive Order Process Ending
20223/25/2022Adult Foster Home Oregon Administrative Rules Training
20223/24/2022Free Classes from Oregon Care Partners
20223/18/2022AFH Collective Bargaining Agreement
20223/15/2022Masking Requirements Continue Policy and Guidance
20223/1/2022AFH Rules Training
20222/17/2022Masking Requirements Continue
20222/16/2022Best practices for COVID-19 related admissions for LTCF
20222/9/2022Licensee Bi-monthly Conference Call
20222/2/2022Oregon Health Care Association's Quality Summit February 8-10
20221/31/2022 AFH Incentive Payment - FAQ
20221/30/2022 Adult Foster Home Incentive Payment Form - PDF
20221/28/2022Portland State University Questionnaire
20221/26/2022Letter of Agreement Hospital Decompression Incentive 
20221/14/2022Adult Protective Services Record Requests
20221/13/2022 Watch Out for Suspicious Covid-19 Testing Sites
20221/11/2022COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Assistance
20221/5/2022Interfacility Transfers During Candida Auris Outbreak
202112/29/2021BCU COVID-19 Background Check Extension Reminder
202112/27/2021COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Information
202112/23/2021Winter Weather Advisory
202112/20/2021Provider Call Questions
202112/17/2021URGENT COVID-19 Vaccine Booster Implementation
202112/15/2021Free Classes from Oregon Care Partners
202112/15/2021Updated Zoom Call Details - Licensee Bi-monthly Conference Call
202112/9/2021Adult Foster Home Medicaid Hazard Pay
202112/2/2021Adult Foster Home Rate Increase Misprint
202111/23/2021Portland State University Questionnaire December 2021
202111/8/2021Rule Advisory Committee (RAC) Overview
202111/2/2021COVID-19 Booster Doses
202110/15/2021Licensee Bi-monthly Conference Call
202110/13/2021Updated COVID-19 Policy Guidance
202110/5/2021AFH Staffing Shortage Survey
20219/30/2021Division 47 Revision
20219/24/2021Vaccine Requirement - Important Updates
20219/8/2021Vaccine Mandate Provider Call and CEUs
20219/2/2021Nursing Delegations - Understanding Your Responsibility
20218/31/2021Vaccine Mandate Provider Call and CEUs
20218/30/2021Vaccine Mandate Provider Call and CEUs
20218/17/2021Provider Call Follow-up and Resources
20218/12/2021Licensee Bi-monthly Conference Call
20218/12/2021Nursing Delegations - Understanding Your Responsibility 
20218/10/2021Heat Wave Expected - Signs and Symptoms of Heat Related Illnesses
20218/5/2021COVID-19 Mask Mandate Reinstated (Revised 8/5/21)
20218/5/2021IMPORTANT - Sprinklers Now Required in Newly Licensed Adult Foster Homes
20217/29/2021Extreme Heat Advisory - Tips and Resources
20217/28/2021ODHS Free Vaccine Assistance Line
20217/16/2021Wildfire Preparedness - Tips and Resources
20216/30/2021ODHS Virtual Training Program - Important Information
20216/29/2021COVID Restriction Update
20216/25/2021Extreme Heat Advisory - Tips and Resources
20216/21/2021Extreme Heat & Recognizing Heat Related Illness
20216/10/2021Licensee Bi-monthly Conference Call
20215/27/2021Behavioral Health Virtual Training
20215/24/2021iLearn Transition - Virtual Open House
20215/18/2021Workday Learning Implementation Timeline
20215/13/2021Licensee Bi-monthly Call Q&A April 20, 2021
20215/11/2021iLearn Transition - Important Communication
20215/10/2021Kidde Smoke and Combination Smoke/Carbon Monoxide Alarm Recall
20215/5/2021Important Communication – Action Requested
20214/29/2021Extreme Risk & Limited Indoor Visitation Policy Reminder
20214/27/2021Free Dementia Care Webinar Series - Oregon Care Partners
20214/22/2021Licensee Call Q&A December 2020 & February 2021
20214/21/2021New Learning Management System
20214/14/2021Licensee Bi-monthly Call – Zoom
20214/2/2021COVID-19 Vaccination Maintenance Planning Resources
20213/19/2021 Licensing Renewal Visits to Resume
20213/10/202144th Annual OSU Gerontology Conference
20213/8/2021CPR & First Aid Certificates No Longer Accepted
20212/23/2021Oregon Care Partners Virtual Caregiver Conference 2021
20212/16/2021Licensee Bi-monthly Conference Call Moved to 2-23-2021
20212/16/2021COVID-19 Vaccine Coordination for Adult Foster Homes
20212/11/2021Scams and Phishing Attempts
20212/10/2021Licensee Bi-monthly Conference CAll
20212/9/2021Provider Alert Retracted
20212/5/2021Virtual Admission-Readmission Screening Requirements
20212/2/2021COVID-19 Vaccine Resource Information
20211/28/2021Update on Vaccine Coordination for Adult Foster Homes
20211/22/2021Portland State University Questionnaire
20211/11/2021COVID-19 Vaccination Plan Update Follow-up
20211/8/2021COVID-19 Vaccination Plan Update
202012/30/2020Long-Term Care Ombudsman (LTCO) will Resume Visits
202012/23/2020COVID-19 Vaccine Roll-out Plan for Long-term Care Facilities
202012/16/2020APD-AFH Online Licensing Payments
202012/10/2020Portland State University Questionnaire 2020
202012/9/2020Licensee Bi-monthly Conference Call
202012/3/2020Limited COVID-19 Indoor Visitation Policy
202011/30/2020Worker Safety Communications
202011/23/2020COVID-19 Holiday Guidance
202011/20/2020Provider Call Q&A
202011/16/2020Indoor Visitation Prohibited for Long-term Care Statewide
202011/6/2020 COVID-19 Pharmacy Partnership Program Update
202011/5/2020 AFH Provider Relief Fund Announcement
202010/30/2020UPDATE - COVID-19 Pharmacy Partnership Program
202010/23/2020School-age Children in Adult Foster Homes
202010/22/2020COVID-19 Pharmacy Partnership Program
202010/19/2020Licensee Bi-monthly Conference Call
202010/6/2020Virtual and Hybrid-Licensing Renewals
20209/28/2020Indoor Visitation Guidance
20209/28/2020Resident Voting Rights Accommodation
20209/28/2020Indoor Visitation Policy
20209/24/2020Medicaid Payment During Evacuation
20209/20/2020AFH Water Advisory Alert
20209/17/2020Free Gloves and Masks for Small Businesses
20209/14/2020 Fire response and clean-up
20209/11/2020AFH Fire Evacuation and Return Protocols
20209/10/2020Wildfire Safety Alert
20209/2/2020CDC Symptom-Based Strategy Guidance
20208/21/2020Mandatory Reporting Requirements
20208/11/2020Licensee Bi-monthly Call – New Call-in Information
20208/4/2020Individually Based Limitation FAQs and Process Maps
20207/28/2020Non Initial Testing Reimbursement
20207/27/2020EWE Extension for Eligible Individuals
20207/24/2020ORCHARDS System Training
20207/22/2020Free Online Infection Control Training
20207/21/2020Compassionate Care Visitation Allowances
20207/13/2020Limited Outdoor Visitation
20207/8/2020Governor Brown's New Statewide Requirement - COVID 19
20207/6/2020Hospice as Essential
20207/1/2020June 30th IBL Deadline
20206/17/20202020-0617 Contact Tracing Scam Alert
20206/9/2020Licensee Bi-monthly Conference Call
20206/2/2020Provider Survey - Financial Impact of COVID-19
20206/2/2020Free COVID-19 Class through Oregon Care Partners
20206/1/2020Individually Based Limitations Documentation Requirements
20205/13/2020Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
20205/11/2020Battelle Critical Care Decontamination System
20205/8/2020Mother's Day Weekend Visitation
20205/3/2020Disinfecting Resident Belongings
20204/29/2020Administrative Alert CDC Guidance AFH
20204/27/2020AFH Licensee Conference Call Meeting Minutes 4-21-20
20204/16/2020Upcoming AFH Licensee Conference Call
20204/15/2020COVID-19 Admission Scenario Spreadsheet
20204/13/2020Resources for Working with Residents and Staff
20204/9/2020IMPORTANT - Temporary Policy Changes Related to COVID-19
20203/29/2020MANDATORY COVID-19 Reporting Requirement Reminder
20203/27/2020AFH Essential Individual Facility Access (COVID-19)
20203/27/2020SOQ Coronavirus (COVID-19) Afterhours Phone Line
20203/24/2020Hiring on a Preliminary Basis Process due to COVID-19
20203/23/2020Phishing Attempts and Email Scams - COVID-19
20203/20/2020Adult Foster Home Temporary Licencing Policy
20203/18/2020Long-Term Care COVID-19 Visitation Policy - Revised March 18, 2020
20203/18/2020COVID-19 Implementation Guide - March 18, 2020
20203/17/2020Long-Term Care COVID-19 Visitation Policy and supporting documents
20203/16/2020Long-Term Care COVID-19 Visitation Policy
20203/5/2020Coronavirus (COVID-19) Alert 2
20203/5/2020REVISED Coronavirus (COVID-19) Notice
20203/3/2020Coronavirus (COVID-19) Informational Resource
20203/2/2020COVID-19 (Coronavirus)
20202/26/2020Coronavirus Information
20202/12/2020Upcoming Licensee Conference Call
20201/30/2020Sexual Expression in Older Adults with Diminished Capacity
20201/24/20202020 AFH Licensee Conference Call Schedule
20201/23/2020Sexual Expression in Older Adults with Diminished Capacity
20201/15/2020Portland State University Questionnaire Reminder
20201/6/2020Six Rights Classes Canceled for January and February 2020
20201/6/2020AFH Collective Bargaining Agreement