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Continuing Education

2019 Continuing Education             Updated 11-26-18

There is NO additional CE mandate for 2019 - only regular annual hours are due at your 2019 renewal. This applies to CAs and DCs.
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1st Year & 2nd Year Doctor CE Requirement       Updated 10-8-19

By your FIRST license renewal date, complete SEVEN (7) CE hours. Proof of completion for all three programs must be submitted to the OBCE. See the available resources directly below this list.

1. Two (2) hours of Evidence-Based Outcomes Management (EBOM);  
2. Four (4) hours of Over-the-Counter Medications (OTC); and    
3.     One (1) hour of Concussion Training course.
Resources for the above requirements: 

  Provides approved courses (EBOM, OTC, and Concussion)
     *  University of ​Western States - Call (800) 215-3716 or Email​               
     *  Oregon Chiropractic Association - Call (503) 256-1601 or Email

  Provides an approved Outcomes Management (EBOM) course
     *  Onlin​eCE​ (aka ChiroCredit.com);

  Provides an appproved Concussion training course
     *  Center for Disease Contr​ol (print the certificate when finished)
     *  UWS Call (800) 215-3716 or Email​


Prior to your SECOND license renewal date, you must complete 20 HOURS CE; SEVEN (7) of which must address Pain Management.  In addition to these mandated hours, check to see (above) if the Board has mandated any other subject CE. 

The pain management requirement is broken down as follows: 

1. Six (6) hours of pain management education presented live, online or by video. Refer to the resources below for access to ongoing qualified programs; plus 
2. One (1) hour (per ORS 409.560 and 409.565) of the Pain Management Module, directly below. 

                                    One Hour Pain Management Module​ 
If you have trouble printing your completion certificate, email the Help Desk at the Pain Commission.

RESOURCES for Pain Management (live, online or DVD education)
     *  ​Live:  Contact the Oregon Chiropractic Association (OCA) 
                  Call or email the OCA at (503) 256-1601 or Email

                  Thursday, November 14, 2019 1 PM to 7 PM  6 CE Hours
                  Location: Oregon Chiropractic Association office, 10570 SE Washington St Ste 210,
                                Portland, Oregon

                  Saturday, February 1, 2020 9 AM to 4 PM   6 CE Hours (Convention Weekend)
                  Location: Red Lion on the River, 909 N. Hayden Island Drive, Portland, Oregon

     *  Web: ChiroCredit Course: Pain 104 through Pain 109
     *  Web: Pain Society of Oregon​ or Email or Call 541-345-7300
     *  Web: University of Western States - Online CE, Email​ or Call (800) 215-3716

If you have questions as to whether any other course meets the Pain Commission's pain management criteria, please contact Donna Dougan at the Board - donna.dougan@oregon.gov or 503-373-1579
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Cultural Competence CE           Updated  5-9-19

Cultural Competence CE is encouraged, not mandated. 

To view the Oregon Health Authority's (OHA) training for cultural competence, click HERE.

Please do not hesitate to contact Office of Equity's Emily Wang at Emily.L.Wang@state.or.us if you have any questions about this topic. In addition to email, she can be reached at: (971) 673-2307.
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Doctor of Chiropractic CE          Updated 10-8-19

20 hours required annually for Regular Active
  6 hours required annually for Senior Active  
Please Note: Prior to attempting to claim CE credit, or registering/attending ANY CE course, 
review additional information on this web page including: OAR 811-015-0025 (CE rule), the Board's "CE credit is NOT allowed,and Policies You Need to Know." Each year check this web page for any Board Mandated CE.
At this time, Cultural Competence CE is encouraged, not mandated.  Courses approved by the Office of Equity and Inclusion can be found at THIS LINK.  All other information is available from the OEI website if you are interested.


Oregon Chiropractic Association * OCA Convention coming up February 2020!

     Web:    http://theorcpa.org/
     Email:   info@ocanow.com  
     Phone:  (503) 256-1601

     Also, for DCs needing pain management CE, the OCA is putting on two presentations: 

                 Thursday, November 14, 2019 1 PM to 7 PM  6 CE Hours
                  Location: Oregon Chiropractic Association office, 10570 SE Washington St Ste 210,
                                Portland, Oregon

                  Saturday, February 1, 2020 9 AM to 4 PM   6 CE Hours (Convention Weekend)
                  Location: Red Lion on the River, 909 N. Hayden Island Drive, Portland, Oregon
University of Western States
     Web:     https://www.uws.edu/
     Email:   ce@uws.edu​  
     Phone:  (800) 215-3716 or 503-847-2550

National University of Natural Medicine 
     Web:     https://nunm.edu/
     Email:    Justin Fowler
     Phone:   (503) 552-1517  

Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Boards 
      Web:      PACE programs
Other Online Education Options 
     AC Chiro Hours​​​
     Billing and Coding Webinars (StrategicDC.com free)
     CCEDSEMINARS (also a PACE provider)
     ChiroContinuingEd.com​ (must have the Firefox web browser AND current Adobe Reader)
     DCSeminars​ (Billing and Coding by John Schmidt DC. Call (214) 965-0244 to register
     OnlineCE (a PACE provider)

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Chiropractic Assistant CE             Updated 8-21-18

Annually, SIX (6) hours CE is required.  Note, the OBCE MAY mandate specific topics for a year. Return regularly to see if any have been designated.

Chiropractic Assistants INITIALLY licensed March 1, 2016 and forward must submit to the Board proof of completion of two hours in Vitals CE.  For more details refer to the next section referring to "Mandatory" CE for CAs.
For GENERAL subject CE contact any of these vendors, (the following resources are NOT exclusive)

      Oregon Chiropractic Association
      Email: chirooregon@hotmail.com
      Phone: (503) 256-1601

     University of Western States
     Register by calling (800) 215-3716 or
     Email:  ce@uws.edu​ 
     Web:   Continuing E​ducation (including Online/Video)  *Not ALL courses qualify for CA CE
                (Available CE includes CPR classes)

     Scott Abrahamson, DC
     Web:  www.cacredits.org  
     Email: info@cacredits.org
     Register by Phone: (503) 635-6246
     Check other community colleges, massage schools, and/or CPR and first aid classes. 

           *For documentation of CPR and/or First Aid courses, you MUST photocopy your certification
             card/s front and back, AND maintain a copy of the course flyer, outline, or syllabus showing 
             the date and number of hours attended.  

Additional Online Resources:
This list is NOT exclusive; and NOT all courses may qualify for CA CE.  Know the administrative rule for CE, and consider those relative to the chiropractic assistant scope of practice: hydro-, electro-, or physiotherapy)

     AC Chiro Hours​​​
     Billing and Coding Webinars (StrategicDC.com free)
     CCEDSEMINARS (also a PACE provider)
     ChiroContinuingEd.com​ (must have the Firefox web browser AND current Adobe Reader)
     DCSeminars​ (Billing and Coding by John Schmidt DC. Call (214) 965-0244 to register
     OnlineCE (a PACE provider)

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Mandatory CE for NEWLY Certified Assistants    12-3-18

Two (2) hours Vitals, plus practical experience - This is a ONE-Time requirement.

REQUIREMENT DETAILS:  ALL newly licensed CAs must complete 2 hours in Vitals to include lecture and hands-on. For the hands-on portion of the training, 20 documented checks of each of the following must be performed:

1.     Height
2.     Weight
3.     Blood pressure
4.     Pulse
5.     Respiration *
6.     Body temperature

A minimum of 10 different people must be tested (but still 20 exercises!)

* Measuring respiration can be done by auscultation (listening with a
     stethoscope) to count the breaths or observing movements of the chest. ​

1)  Judith Allan DC 
      Dr. Allan is offering this hands-on training 1 - 4 PM on Sundays when she offers the initial training;
      click this link​ to view those dates.  To Register: Call (503) 516-5226​​                     

2)  OnlineCE - Register for an online course Vital Signs CA20 **

3)  CACredits.org S. Abrahamson DC Vital Signs for CAs **

University of Western States - Vitals​ **

5)  Oregon Chiropractic Association - CE Videos, including Vitals **
** The above online and video sessions do NOT include the required hands-on portion.

NOTES: A supervising DC may provide the vitals training for his/her CAs; or, A clinic may hire other trained personnel to provide the trainings; And, the "patients" may be other staff; 

Revised 08/24/18 -The above CA continuing education MUST be completed, and proof submitted to the OBCE, by the CA's FIRST renewal date; the hours MAY be part of the annual six hours.  

EXCEPTION - CAs with current (Oregon) dual licenses (under which they have already been trained in the vitals, and can submit proof of the training) are exempt from this Vitals CE mandate.​

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CE Administrative Rules

The following two administrative rules regulate the continuing education DCs and CAs may take for license renewal credit. 
Continuing Education - OAR 811-015-0025​  
Chiropractic Assistants - (refer to the above rule and) OAR 811-010-0110​​
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Policies You NEED to know         7-16-15

     CE credit for attending OBCE public meetings - On July 16, 2015, the Board determined that a maximum of six (6) CE credit hours will be allowed annually for professional staff, committee members, and board-appointed mentors who participate in meetings. In addition, any non-board member attending the Public Session of a board meeting will be credited up to two hours CE per meeting with a maximum of 6 hours per year. Hours will be credited based on sign-in/si​gn-out
     AlphaStim and Continuing education - On November 19, 2009, the Board established CE credit will be allowed as long as the fact is made clear to Oregon chiropractic physicians that this technique is okay for neuromusculoskeletal conditions ONLY (i.e. for pain), and not mental health conditions. 
     Educational Manual of Evidence Based Chiropractic - For each chapter read of the, the OBCE will allow two hours credit per chapter. (These hours DO NOT meet the two hours Evidence Based Outcomes Assessment CE for 1st year License Renewals) 
     University Instructors May 2005 - Teaching at a Health-Care Institution or Teaching Post-Graduate Education - The purpose of this policy is to clarify the continuing education allowance in OAR 811-015-0025 (h) teaching courses at an accredited health care institution; and (i) teaching chiropractic continuing education courses. The Board has determined that a licensee may report a maximum eight (8) credit hours per year for teaching, if he or she is the person who develops the course outline, researches the course material and then teaches the class. Because of this determination, the administrative rule citation 811-015-0025(9)(h) "teaching courses at an
accredited health care institution" does not include teaching aides, clinic or class assistants, etc. (5/19/05)

August 2005 In relation to both 811-015-0025(9)(h) "teaching courses at an accredited health care institution" and (i) "teaching chiropractic continuing education courses”; a licensee may receive credit hours for the actual time teaching the class, not for the research and development of the program.   (8/1/05)
     "Outside the box" CE activities - OAR 811-015-0025(9)(L) states that a licensee may be allowed credit for "any other course or activity specifically authorized by the OBCE."  If the rule does not clearly refer to a course or activity in which the licensee is interested, the Board interprets this language to mean licensee must submit a request for approval to the OBCE in writing, prior to completion or participation. (Refer to the full text of the rule 811-015-0025 before submitting any request.) 
     National Board of Chiropractic Examiners (NBCE) PACE approved programs - The OBCE accepts all continuing education courses approved by the Federation of Chiropractic Licensing Board’s PACE (Providers of Approved Continuing Education) program.  The OBCE also accepts all continuing education courses or activities that meet the criteria and requirements of OAR 811-015-0025.
     NBCE Part IV Practical Examiners - The Board considered the number of hours possible to contribute to the Part IV process and determined that the exam assistants will be allowed up to 19.5 hours continuing education credit.  The OBCE will determine the means to establish how many credit hours should be approved per exam. 
     Credit Taken 13 Months Prior to Renewal - If CE hours were taken 13 months preceding the current licensing renewal period, and the hours were submitted but NOT used toward last year’s renewal, they may be used for the current license renewal period. (In other words, CE credit taken in the licensee’s birth month may be used for the current license renewal or the next year’s renewal, as long as the licensee has met the current year’s requirement.)  In any .situation other than this CE hours may not be “carried over.”

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Credit is NOT allowed for....           8-24-18

CE credit is NOT ALLOWED for the following. 
        July 26, 2018 "Ascending Your Energy/Tune Into Your New Destiny" and "Understanding the Power of The Mind" both offered by "Dr. Joe Dispensa" were denied for CE credit.

        November 16, 2017 "Pound. Rock Out. Work Out" is not qualifed CE. Denied. In addition, 
"Laser-like Lipo Certification" does not qualify for CA CE credit.  

        September 22, 2017 "Love and Death, the Mystery of Identity" (mindfulness meditation) is denied for CE credit.  In addition, "Uncovering the Sun" (concentration meditation) was denied for CE credit.

        January 15, 2016, the Board determined that reading a textbook in and of itself is not valid continuing education.  The Board has allowed CE credit for “reading” in some specific pre-approved circumstances (e.g. SCUHS’s Topics in Clinical Chiropractic home study, and Chapters of the OBCE’s Education Manual for Evidence-Based Chiropractic). The Board does NOT allow CE credit for reading instruction/equipment manuals, guides, or handbooks (e.g. ICD code books, and the CME’s Guide to the DOT Physical Exam). 
December 1, 2011, the Board determined that the following CE activity is not valid for renewal credit:

       o  performing spinal screenings, or activity similar to screenings;
       o  level 100 chemistry classes;
       o  level 100 biology classes;
       o  yoga classes (unless they are "training-the-trainer");
       o  regular "meetings" with staff whether recorded or not (Any training given by the supervising/employing DC MUST be presented in a formal setting - agenda with topics, set for a specific day/time; sign in/out, and verifications of completion); if in doubt, contact the Board of Chiropractic Examiners office prior to the offering

On January 20, 2011, the Board will not allow CE credit for language courses; they do not meet the criteria in OAR 811-015-0025.

On November 18, 2010, the Board denied CE credit for this course, "Warning: The Rules of Money Have Changed" sponsored by the Washington State Chiropractic Association. This program does not meet the CE rule guidelines which require the program to "pertain to the practice of chiropractic."

On May 27, 2010, the Board denied for credit, Embryo in Motion, by Jaap van der wal

On January 13, 2010, the Board denied for credit, in part, Cascade Success Systems' Pain Management and Evidence Based Outcomes Management video courses

On  November 20, 2008, the Board denied for credit, the program, "Finding Your Medicine: Advanced Shamanic Training"

On September 8, 2008, the Board denied for credit the program, "Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)" EFT does not meet the criteria of OAR 811-015-0025 (i.e. the program is not trained by a qualified person)

On January 17, 2008, the Board established that attending an exercise class such as Pilates, is NOT valid continuing education; however,  completing the education to become a Pilates Instructor (e.g. a Pilates Pre-Training class) would be. 

On November 18, 2004, the Board established that using one’s regular daily job duties(e.g. a full time athletic trainer) is not valid continuing education; and that travelling to another country is not, in and of itself, valid "continuing education"

On November 18, 2004, the Board denied for credit the program, "Basic Spiritual Response Therapy"

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click the link for Frequently Asked​ Questions​ 
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OBCE Disclaimer

Neither the State of Oregon nor the Oregon Board of Chiropractic Examiners endorse or sponsor any products, services or information provided by the contacts or links above. The educational information is provided only for the convenience and information of the public.
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