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Oregon Identification Cards

This page provides information on obtaining an Oregon Identification (ID) card.

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General Information

DMV issues non-driver ID cards to people of all ages who are a resident of or domiciled in Oregon and do not already have a valid Oregon ID Card or a current valid driver license or instruction permit from Oregon or any other jurisdiction. ID cards are for identification purposes only.

Oregon ID cards issued to U.S. citizens and permanent residents are valid for an 8 year period. ID cards issued to qualified temporary residents are valid for a limited term that is based upon their authorized length of stay in the country.

After you meet all of the requirements, you will be issued an interim ID card to use until you receive your permanent ID card in the mail.

Getting an ID Card

You must apply in person at a DMV office, and you must:

Renewing an ID Card

To renew, you must apply in person at a DMV office, and you must:

You can renew your ID card up to fourteen months before the expiration date and one year after the expiration date (unless you qualify for a military exemption).

If your ID card is expired for more than one year, you cannot renew. You must meet the requirements and pay the fees for an original ID card.

DMV mails ID card renewal reminders two months before your ID card expires.

After you meet the requirements for renewal, you will be given an interim card to use until you receive your ID card in the mail.

Your ID card will be mailed to your address on file with DMV. It is important you give DMV the address where you receive your mail since ID cards are not forwarded by the post office. If you have a forwarding order or hold order on your address your ID card will be returned to DMV as undeliverable.

If you surrender a previous driver license, instruction permit or ID card, it will be hole-punched and returned to you. The hole-punched card is not valid by itself, but may be used as additional proof of identity with the interim card.

Replacing an ID Card

DMV will issue a replacement ID card if your card is lost, stolen, mutilated or destroyed; or if you have a name change or address change. To replace an ID card, you must apply in person at a DMV office, and you must:

If your ID card is about to expire or will expire in the next 14 months you may be able to renew. If you are eligible to renew when you apply for a replacement we may ask you if you would prefer to renew in lieu of replacing your ID card.

Quit Driving ID Card

If you feel you can no longer safely operate a motor vehicle, you can give up your driving privileges (i.e., grant of legal authority to operate a motor vehicle on publicly accessible roadways) and turn in your driver license at a local DMV office. You may qualify for, and be issued a free identification card if you meet all requirements and are relinquishing an unexpired Oregon driver license. Otherwise, you will have to apply for an identification card and pay the applicable fees.

Please note that if you give up your driving privileges but later want to reapply for them, you will need to obtain medical clearance from DMV. Then you must pass the vision screening, knowledge and drive tests, clear any suspension, revocation or cancellation actions on your driver record and pay original licensing fees.


If you are currently out-of-state and your ID card is expired, lost, stolen, or damaged, you will have to apply for a replacement or renewal at a DMV office in Oregon when you return.

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