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DMV Facts & Statistics


DMV Key Facts

The first automobile arrived in Oregon in 1899. Soon after its arrival, in 1905, Driver and Motor Vehicle Services (DMV) began a process for registering vehicles. Later, in the 1930s, DMV began testing and licensing drivers.

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Today in Oregon there are:
  • About 4.1 million registered vehicles. Of those, about 3.2 million are passenger vehicles.
  • Nearly 3.1 million licensed drivers.
  • DMV provides direct services to customers by:
  • Serving over 13,000 customers every day through 60 local offices around the state.
  • Answering about 1.7 million customer phone calls per year.
  • Responding to more than 3 million record requests per year from businesses and the general public.
  • Fulfilling more than 60 million record requests by law enforcement per year.

Driver-related facts

Each year, DMV:
  • Monitors the driving privileges of about 3.1 million drivers.
  • Issues nearly 200,000 new drivers’ licenses, and renews more than 350,000.
  • Files nearly 100,000 accident reports.
  • Verifies vehicle insurance information by random sampling vehicle owners.
  • Reviews driver medical conditions and oversees re-testing on more than 4,000 drivers in our Medically At-Risk Driver Program.
  • Suspends driving privileges nearly 450,000 times (some drivers receive multiple suspensions).
  • Enters more than 400,000 driver convictions to driving records.
  • Conducts more than 300,000 knowledge and 70,000 skills tests.

Vehicle-related Facts

Each year, DMV:
  • Registers about 1.8 million vehicles.
  • Issues about 850,000 titles.
  • Issues nearly 400,000 plates for vehicles. There are nearly 50 different types of vehicle plate designs, in addition to specialty, or custom, license plates.

Dealers/Business-related Facts

Each year, DMV:
  • Regulates more than 3,000 motor vehicle-related businesses, including vehicle dealers, commercial drive schools, vehicle
  • appraisers, vehicle dismantlers and others.
  • Sanctions offenders and conducts formal administrative hearings.

DMV Statistics

DMV publishes some annual statistics on vehicles and drivers:

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