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Tips for Getting Faster DMV Service


Using DMV Services

There are several ways to conduct services with DMV:

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      Salem, OR 97314-1010 

Visiting a DMV Office

Best Times to Visit an Office (Shortest Wait Time)

  • Before Noon;
  • Middle of the week; and
  • Middle of the month.

Busiest Times to Visit an Office (Longest Wait Time)

  • Lunch time (generally Noon – 1:00 PM);
  • Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays (at offices that are open on these days);
  • First or last week of the month; and
  • Day before or after a holiday.

Office Hours

Check the hours and available services for the office you want to visit before you go. During inclement weather, call the office before heading out to make sure they're open.

Don't Get Turned Away - Items to Bring

  • Bring all required documentation; and
  • You must present proof that you are eligible for a driver license, permit or ID card. You can determine which documents you need to bring with you by viewing our acceptable proof list.

Calling DMV

  • For general service, be ready to give the DMV customer service representative your:
    • Driver license number;
    • License plate number; or
    • Vehicle identification number, or VIN.
  • Have paper and pen ready to take down requirements or other information the customer service representative may give you.
  • When checking to see if we have received your overnight documents or payments, verify that the carrier shows delivery to DMV before you call. 
  • For directions to your local DMV office, refer to the "Driving Directions" section of the office page instead of calling.
  • You must visit a DMV office to order and pay for your records.