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Abandoned Derelict Boats

Recreational boats are abandoned or become derelict for many reasons.  Derelict and abandoned vessels can cause various problems in and outside of marinas, including water quality degradation, pollution, and damage to public and private property when they sink or go adrift. In marinas, they take up valuable slip space and can be a source of pollution. They also decrease the aesthetic value of the area and create hazards for responsible boaters.


Preventing a boat from becoming abandoned or derelict can reduce the impact on the environment and society.

Oregon’s ADV Program is administered by the Oregon State Marine Board, which then delegates authority for the removal and/or disposal of the vessel in question to the relevant enforcement agency under ORS 830.908 to ORS 830.948. The Oregon State Marine Board can be contacted by phone at 503-378-8587 or by email at

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