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Water Resources Development Program


The Water Resources Development Program helps Oregonians address instream and out-of-stream water supply needs now and into the future. The Program includes funding opportunities and other resources through three program components: Planning Grants, Feasibility Study Grants, and Water Project Grants and Loans.

Updates & Announcements

Water Project Grants and Loans
The Oregon Water Resources Commission awarded funding to seven projects for the 2018 cycle of Water Project Grants and Loans.  The funding awards are made based on the public benefits the project would achieve as described in the project application.
Feasibility Study Grants
The Department received eight complete Feasibility Study Grant applications requesting $810,773 for the current funding cycle. Feasibility Study Grants provide funding for qualifying costs of project planning studies that evaluate the feasibility of developing a water conservation, reuse, or storage project.
The following are study summaries adapted from grant applications received by October 17, 2018.  

Public Comment Opportunity

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Planning Grants

The Department is a funding partner in four places that are taking a collaborative, integrated approach to water planning. There is no funding currently available to support new water planning efforts.  

Feasibility Study Grants

Feasibility Study Grants reimburse up to 50 percent of the costs of studies to evaluate the feasibility of developing water conservation, reuse, and storage projects. This competitive funding opportunity helps individuals and communities investigate whether a proposed project idea is actually feasible and worth pursuing. Grants are offered on an annual basis, with applications due each fall. As of August 1, 2018 $2.5 million is available for grants.

Water Project Grants & Loans

Water Project Grants and Loans provides funding for projects that will help Oregon meet its instream and out-of-stream water supply needs and produce economic, environmental, and social/cultural benefits. This competitive funding opportunity is meant for implementation-ready projects. Grants and loans are offered on an annual basis, with the applications due each spring.  As of December 2018 approximately $8.5 million is available for grants or loans.

For more information contact:
Kim Ogren 503-986-0873

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