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Administrative Basins


The Water Resources Commission is responsible for devising integrated and coordinated plans and programs to promote and secure the maximum beneficial use of the water resources of this state, which includes instream and out-of-stream uses for current and future Oregonians. To inform these plans and programs, the Commission is directed to study existing water resources, the means and methods of conserving and augmenting such water resources, the existing and contemplated needs and uses of water for balanced multiple uses, and all other related subjects regarding the use and distribution of water. The Water Resources Department has organized the state by Administrative Basins. Click on the basin below for more information.

As defined in OAR 690-500, basin programs are administrative rules which establish water management policies and objectives and which govern the appropriation and use of the surface and ground water within each of the Administrative Basins. The rules classify surface and ground waters according to the uses which are permitted, may establish preferences among uses, may withdraw surface and groundwater from further appropriation, may reserve waters for specified future uses, and may establish minimum perennial streamflows. These rules are in addition to rules with statewide applicability which govern the allocation and use of water.

Click on the map or scroll through the basins below for more information about each Administrative Basin, including a link to the current Basin Program Rules, copies of past Basin Study Reports, and an overview of Department activities for some basins with ongoing studies or planning efforts.

Map of Oregon Administrative Water Basins  
  1. North Coast Basin
  2. Willamette River Basin
  3. Sandy River Basin
  4. Hood River Basin
  5. Deschutes River Basin
  6. John Day River Basin
  7. Umatilla River Basin
  8. Grand Ronde River Basin
  9. Powder River Basin
  10. Malheur River Basin
  11. Owyhee River Basin
  12. Malheur Lake (Harney) Basin
  13. Goose and Summer Lakes Basin
  14. Klamath River Basin
  15. Rogue River Basin
  16. Umpqua River Basin
  17. South Coast Basin
  18. Mid-Coast Basin
  19. Columbia River Basin
  20. Middle Snake River Basin