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Water Project Grants and Loans

Water Project Grants and Loans provides funding for projects that help Oregon meet its in stream and out-of-stream water supply needs and produce economic, environmental, and social/cultural benefits. This is a competitive funding opportunity that is meant for implementation-ready projects. Grants and loans are offered on an annual basis, with the applications due each spring.

Updates and Announcements

New - Application deadline extended to May 28, 2020

The Oregon Water Resources Department is extending the application deadline for Water Project Grants and Loans, as we understand COVID-19 has been disruptive to many potential applicants’ operations and may prevent them from submitting applications. The Department is still offering pre-application conferences, but all will be held as conference calls. Please feel free to contact the Grant Program Coordinator with any related questions.

The Department invites applications for instream and out-of-stream water supply projects through the Water Project Grants and Loans funding opportunity. The Department has approximately $22.7 million available for the 2020 and 2021 funding cycles.

2020 Water Projects Grants and Loans applications due by 5:00 p.m. on May 28, 2020.


Eligible projects include: conservation, reuse, above-ground storage, below-ground storage, streamflow protection or restoration, water distribution, conveyance or delivery systems, and other water resource development projects that result in economic, environmental, and social/cultural public benefits. Grants require a 25% cost match. Any local government, Indian tribe, or person may apply for funding.

Available Funding

The Department currently has approximately $22.7 million available for 2020 and 2021 funding cycles.

How to Apply

Application materials and Scoring Criteria Guidance have been updated for 2020. View and use the important documents noted below. The Department strongly encourages prospective applicants to participate in a Pre-Application Conference prior to submitting an application for funding. To discuss a project with the Department or to schedule pre-application conferences please contact the Grant Program Coordinator.

2020 Application Materials 2020 Guidance Documents
Guidance documents include:
  • Scoring Criteria
  • Example Grant Agreement
  • Budget Procedures and Allowable Costs

Timeline and Review Process

Timeline of the Grants and Loans process  

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