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Water Project Grants and Loans

Public Comment Opportunity

The Department invites written public comment on applications received for the 2022 cycle of Water Project Grants and Loans. The Department received four complete grant applications requesting a total of $7,362,656 in funding.

The Technical Review Team (TRT) will consider public comments submitted in their evaluation of applications. The TRT will evaluate applications and make a funding recommendation to the Water Resource Commission. The Department will post the TRT funding recommendation for an additional public comment period. The tentative date for the Commission to make its funding decision is November 2022.

View 2022 - Applications received for Water Projects Grants and Loans funding by visiting the Funding Cycle History page.

Written comments on the applications will be accepted until 5:00 p.m., July 22, 2022.

Please submit comments to:


Grant Program Coordinator

725 Summer Street NE, Suite A

Salem, Oregon 97301



Eligible projects include: conservation, reuse, above-ground storage, below-ground storage, streamflow protection or restoration, water distribution, conveyance or delivery systems, and other water resource development projects that result in economic, environmental, and social/cultural public benefits. Grants require a 25% cost match. Any local government, Indian tribe, or person may apply for funding.

Available Funding

Funding for Water Project Grants and Loans is provided through the sale of lottery revenue bonds. The Department anticipates having $9.3 million available for the 2022 funding cycle. An additional $15 million in lottery revenue bonds, scheduled to be sold in March 2023, will provide funding for future cycles. 

How to Apply

Review the application materials and guidance provided on the Applications, Forms and Guidance page. The Department strongly encourages prospective applicants to participate in a Pre-Application Conference prior to submitting an application for funding. To discuss a project with the Department or to schedule pre-application conferences please contact the Grant Program Coordinator.  

Timeline and Review Process

Timeline of the Grants and Loans process