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Pump Test Program

Oregon law requires many well owners in the state to conduct pump tests of their wells and submit the results to the Department. This law was enacted by the 1987 Legislature to provide important statewide information on groundwater resources. Wells that are listed as a source of water on a water right permit, certificate, or registration statement are required to conduct pumping tests. No pump tests are required for domestic wells, stock wells, or other exempt wells.

All new pump tests, pump test exemption requests, and multiple well exemption requests should be submitted by email to email or by post ATTN: Certificate Support. Once a test or exemption request has been received, the WRIS database will be updated to reflect the date and type(s) of request(s). Each request will be forwarded to the Groundwater Hydrology Section for technical review. Please direct all inquiries regarding the status of a pump test program submittal or questions about the pump test program in general to


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