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Split a Permit

Full or Partial Assignment of Water Right Permit and Issuance of Replacement Permits

A landowner holding a water right permit with a non-expired completion date may apply to assign all or part of the water right permit to another person residing on the land where the water right permit is located and request issuance of replacement water right permits reflecting the assignment.  The use of water under the permit must be for irrigation, nursery, temperature control, stock watering, or agricultural. 

Who can apply:

A landowner to which all or a portion of a water right permit is appurtenant to their lands.  

Who cannot apply:

A unit of a local government, port, water authority, or a district as defined in ORS 540.505

Basic Process Steps:

  1. Applicant completes & submits the application with $125 fee for estimating the cost of processing.
  2. Department provides an estimate of time to the applicant along with a contract.
  3. Applicant submits contract and money for the estimate.
  4. Department reviews application, issues a Draft Proposed Final Order and Draft replacement permits. The Department mails copies of the application, existing permit, and draft replacement permits to all landowners covered under the original permit.
  5. Draft Proposed Final Order published in the Department’s weekly notice starting a 30-day comment period.
  6. Comment period ends. The Department issues Proposed Final Order and publishes in Department’s weekly notice. The Department mails copies of the Proposed Final Order and draft replacement permits to all landowners and commenters. A 45-day protest period begins.
  7. After 45 day protest period end, the Department issues Final Order and replacement Permits.