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Update to Inspection Notifications Process for Oregon ePermitting App  

Version 5.2 of the Oregon ePermitting App for iOS and version 5.1 for Android have an updated notification option which requires users to re-subscribe to notifications for permits. In the previous version of the App it was discovered that if an inspector were to schedule an inspection for a customer that no notifications would be sent for that inspection. This new feature allows users to subscribe as well as un-subscribe from notifications, but unfortunately the update cleared the previous searched permits from receiving notifications, which requires users to re-subscribe. The easiest way to subscribe to notifications for all of your permits is to search by your CCB number on the app and then touch the “subscribe” icon on each permit.

To subscribe to notifications for a permit search for the permit number or your CCB number to pull up all of your permits. On each permit there is now a “subscribe” button on the top right hand side. Touch the icon that looks like a bell to subscribe to notifications. 

pic 123.png

pic 1234.png

To un-subscribe from Notifications touch the green “subscribe” button. 

Virtual Training Dates

To schedule virtual training on the new App please email Jerod Broadfoot at

Trainings can be scheduled Monday - Thursday from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and average about 30 minutes.

For questions or assistance please contact Jerod Broadfoot, BCD ePermitting Training & Outreach Coordinator, via email at or by phone at 541-240-1256.