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Racial discrimination

Oregon laws protect you from being discriminated against at work, in housing, and at places that do business with the public.

  • You can’t be fired or demoted, paid less, or otherwise treated differently based on your race, color, or national origin.
  • You cannot be treated differently when looking for housing, applying for financing, or in other housing decisions.
  • Your right to go to public places like restaurants, stores, and other public places free from discrimination is protected.

We can help

If this is happening to you, you can file a complaint.

It is illegal for your employer to retaliate against you or treat you differently because you make a complaint.

If you’re not sure you need to file a complaint but something feels wrong, you can give us a call. We are here to help.

The law

ORS 659A.103

Frequently asked questions

For individuals

For employers

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