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Prevailing Wage Complaint Form

Use this form to file a complaint about violations of Prevailing Wage Rate laws for work performed on public works projects.

BOLI accepts complaints involving allegations of violations of Prevailing Wage Rate (PWR) laws, for work performed on public works projects, from employees or any third party.  

The information provided on this complaint form, including the name of the complainant unless otherwise identified, is subject to public records requests. To the extent permitted by law, BOLI will not disclose your residential address, personal telephone numbers, and personal email address if you (the complainant) requests that this information remain confidential.

While you are not required to include your name or contact information on the complaint form, be advised that if the information provided is not sufficient or there are any questions regarding the complaint and we are unable to contact you, no further action may be taken.

Prevailing wage rate complaint

  • Please complete this form to the best of your ability. Once submitted, our office will follow up with you about the next steps.
  • If your complaint involves more than one employer on the same project, submit a form for each employer. If your complaint involves more than one project, submit a form for each project.
  • If you do not have a response to a specific question, mark “unknown” in the space provided. Estimates are okay.
  • Please provide evidence. If your complaint includes allegations of non-payment of prevailing wages, overtime, or fringe benefits, you will be required to provide proof such as time cards, check stubs, certified payroll reports, statements from witnesses, photos, or any other documents that substantiate your complaint. Keep your original records.
  • Complaints and claims for unpaid prevailing wages or benefits must be filed as soon as possible to ensure BOLI’s ability to enforce the law.
Questions? If you need assistance or have any questions regarding this form, contact the PWR Unit at