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Wage Security Fund

If your employer went out of business without paying your wages, you may be able to be paid some, or all, of what you are owed from Oregon’s Wage Security Fund.

In order to qualify, your situation must meet this criteria:
  • Your employer is no longer in business.
  • Your employer does not have the resources to pay your wages.
  • Your wage claim (the hours worked, rate of pay, amount owed, etc.,) can be verified.
The maximum amount which may be paid from the Fund is $10,000* and is limited to either:
  • The amount of wages earned and unpaid in the 60 calendar days immediately before the business closed, or
  • The amount of wages earned and unpaid within 60 days of your last day of employment if your claim was filed before the business closed. 
If necessary, we’ll follow up with you to get more information. Please keep any evidence you have, such as scans or photographs of pay stubs and time records.

*For wages earned after January 1, 2020. For wages earned prior to 2020, the maximum amount is $4,000.
If you have questions, you can call 971-673-0761 or email