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Records Request

The Board serves the people of Oregon and strives to be open and transparent. Any interested party may submit a request for information from a selected record. The Board can only produce records that it possesses or owns. Most adult-in-custody records are retained for 25 years; most Board records are retained for 10 years. To expedite your request, please be as specific as possible and include approximate dates of the public record. If the request is unclear, the Board may request further clarification. Requests requiring the searching of documents will take a longer amount of time.

Process & Fees

Any interested party may submit a request for information from a selected record. There may be a charge for each request. The Board will respond to public record requests as soon as practicable and without unreasonable delay. The Board may request additional information or clarification from the requester for the purpose of expediting the public body’s response to the request.


  • The request must be in writing and clearly specify the documents or information being requested.  
  • The Board chairperson or designee will review the request and if approved, a bill will be prepared and sent to the requestor.
  • Upon receipt of payment, the records requested will be released.
  • The Board follows the directives of the Oregon Transparency


The Board is an agency that follows the Oregon Statewide Standardized Fee Structure under Policy 107-001-030. Fees can be found here under the Fee Structure Tool Kit. Accepted forms of payment are:

  • Money order (You can get a money order from any post office.)
  • Cashier's check
  • Business check (business name must be on check)
  • The Board does not accept cash, personal checks, credit cards or debit cards. 

Starting a Record Request

To start a records request please click here. If the form does not allow you to email it you can download it and use Adobe Reader to open it, or you can print it and send it via the below methods

Please note Adobe reader is needed to use the email function in this form. Chrome or Firefox's built in readers are unable to use the email function.

Records Contact Information

Records Request Email:

Mailing Address:

Records Requests
Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision
1321 Tandem Ave.
Salem, Oregon 97301
Fax: 503-373-7558