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Welcome to the Board of Parole’s Website

The Board of Parole's Mission

The Board of Parole supports a safe and just Oregon by supporting positive change in individuals while maintaining accountability. Through engagement of partners, development of compassionate policies, and respect for diversity, our strong and valued workforce strives for a better future for our state.

The Board's Goal

The Board of Parole’s long-term goal is to set the standard for parole boards in evidence informed decisions, innovative tools, and effective operations.

The Board's Budget Reduction

In response to a projected state revenue shortfall due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the governor asked all state agencies to submit plans for an allotment reduction covering the remainder of the 19-21 biennium. This is a set percentage across-the-board reduction to every General Fund appropriation. For the Board of Parole, that's a $738,000 cut. Our plan was submitted May 8th, and is located here

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