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Victim Notification

The Board of Parole is committed to honoring crime victim rights and continues to notify registered stakeholders about upcoming releases and Board decisions. In the event an adult in custody (AIC) is released early, the Board is committed to notify all registered victims. You may also register for notification with the Board of Parole or Oregon VISOR(Victim Information System in Oregon).

About Victim Notification

The Board respects victims’ right to justice including the right to play a meaningful role in the justice process, be treated with dignity and respect, and receive fair and impartial treatment. Victims of crime and members of the public may register with the Oregon Board of Parole for notification about individuals currently in prison or offenders on supervision. You may also register for notification about registered sex offenders who may petition the Board for reclassification or relief from registration. Notification is an opt-in process – you must tell us you would like to be notified and provide contact information. We do not notify individuals who have not registered with us.

How To Be Notified

To register you can fill out the Victim Request for Notification form and either email, or mail it to us. If you are unable to fill out the form you can contact us at (503)945-0907, and we can assist you*.

Victim Request for Notification Form

*Please note Adobe reader is needed to use the email function in this form. Chrome or Firefox's built in readers are unable to use the email function*

Email Us


Victim Registration
Board of Parole and Post-Prison Supervision
1321 Tandem Ave.
Salem, Oregon 97301

*If you are calling in to register please be prepared to provide the below information.

Your Information:

your name
your current mailing address

Identifying information for the Adult in Custody(AIC):

full legal name and date of birth or
State Identification Number (SID).

If you do not have this information we can still assist you, but it will extend the call.

Note:You must notify Victim Registration of any name or address change. You can contact us at any time to verify your information.