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IMPACTS Grant Program Overview

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“IMPACTS" stands for Improving People's Access to Community-based Treatment, Supports, and Services

Purpose: to address shortage of comprehensive community supports and services for individuals with mental health or substance use disorders, leading to their involvement with the criminal justice system, hospitalizations and institutional placements, by awarding grants to counties and Oregon's federally recognized Indian tribes, to establish evidence-based and tribal-based programs to provide the needed supports and services.

See Senate Bill (SB) 973 (2019).

2022 IMPACTS RFGP Tribal Governments

2022 IMPACTS RFGP Counties and Regional Consortia

IMPACTS Request for Grant Proposal [old]

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IMPACTS Statewide Evaluation Baseline Report (OHSU CHSE)


  • Grant Review Committee: 19 members, 17 voting members
  • Eligible applicants – counties, federally recognized Indian tribes, and regional consortia
  • At least one award must go to a federally recognized tribal government (but not only one)
  • Counties/regional consortia must apply via Local Public Safety Coordinating Councils; tribal applications submitted via tribal governments
  • Grant Review Committee approves rules and grant application, and makes funding decisions

Overview of required Application Components per SB 973

  • Programs to be funded meet grant purposes and serve target population
  • Letters of support/commitments from social services and health care providers
  • County/tribal consultation report – explanation of how input garnered/incorporated into application
  • Medical assistance screening agreement – applicants must agree to screen all grant program participants, within the target population, for potential eligibility for public medical assistance.
  • Tribal notification process plan – description of process for program partners, jails, hospitals to:
    • Provide information upon admission/intake about risks/benefits of tribal notification; and
    • Offer tribal members opportunity to disclose statuses to federally recognized tribe of their choosing
  • Other requirements to be established by the Grant Review Committee
    • Data tracking, sustainability, local system gaps explanation

Funds Available and Allowable Uses

  • Up to $10,000,000 in competitive grant funds – grant review committee makes funding allocation decisions (max of $2,000,000 may be used for tech assistance, data systems – not required)
  • Allowable expenses: Community supports and services; crisis support, case managers and care coordinators, transitional services, community treatment, adding capacity to crisis units and detoxification centers, pre-tenancy and tenancy/supportive housing services, etc.
  • Unallowable expenses: supplanting existing costs, food/drinks, lobbying, etc. (not a comprehensive list)


  • Two required: (1) Quality Improvement (data, evaluation); (2) Policy Recommendations
    • Non-appointed persons may participate à please send any recommended members to staff

Grant Review Committee Members