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SB 962 (U Visa) Reporting

SB 962 (2019) requires the CJC to collect data on U Visa certification requests submitted in Oregon. 2021 is the first year CJC will be collecting this data.

CJC is required to maintain a list of certifying agencies, collect details on the number of certification requests each agency received, and then submit a comprehensive report on the certification process within Oregon to the committees of the Legislative Committee related to the judiciary.

The first year of data covers certification requests received by agencies in 2020. All certifying agencies, even those who received no certification requests, are required to submit data to the CJC. Agencies will submit the data using a form that takes about six minutes, on average, to complete. The data collected in the form include number of requests received, denied, pending, and reason for denial.

To complete the form and submit data, please click below!

Click Here to Submit 2020 Data


What type of data is my agency required to submit?

  • Contact information and details on certification requests your agency received in 2020. Specifically, number of certification requests the agency received in 2020, and of those requests how many were denied (including primary reason for denial), approved, or still pending as of the date your agency submitted data to the CJC.

Which agencies need to submit data to CJC?

  • All agencies that qualify as a certifying agency in SB 962. Certifying agencies include:
    • State or local law enforcement agencies
    • Prosecutor’s or District Attorney’s offices
    • The Judicial Department, with respect to a judge of a state court acting as a certifying official
    • A judge other than a judge of a state court
    • Any other agency that has responsibility for the detection, investigation, or prosecution of a qualifying criminal activity (which includes Child Protective Services, Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and Department of Labor)

Do I need to submit data even if my agency did not receive any certifying requests?

  • Yes. If your agency does not fill out the form, SB 962 requires CJC to list your agency in the report as not submitting data.

How long do I have to fill out the form?

  • The last day to submit 2020 data is July 15, 2021.

I think I submitted incorrect data. Should I fill out the form a second time?

  • Please reach out to CJC may be able to correct the data manually, and then you will not have to resubmit!

How long does the form take to fill out?

  • Approximately six minutes

How often will I need to submit this data?

  • Once a year for at least three years. The bill currently sunsets on January 2, 2023, so CJC will collect data on certifying requests received in 2020, 2021, and 2022.

I have more questions about submitting data. Who can I reach out to for help?

  • Please email your questions to, and someone at CJC will get back to you as soon as possible.

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