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History of Oregon’s Justice Reinvestment Initiative

Between 2000 and 2010, Oregon’s prison rate increased by nearly 50% growing to 14,000 inmates with a total biennial corrections budget over $1.4 billion. Justice Reinvestment is an approach to spending resources more effectively with the goals of reducing recidivism, decreasing prison use, protecting the public and holding offenders accountable.


2017-19 JRI Grant

The Grant Program is targeted to financially support Oregon counties to plan, implement, or expand initiatives that reduce recidivism, reduce prison population, increase public safety, and hold offenders accountable. Read more

Second Summit

Nearly 1,000 attendees register for the second Justice Reinvestment Summit.

Below Forecast Again

By April 2017, the prison forecast was 839 beds below the April 2013 forecast.

Avoided Costs

Oregon avoids building a new male prison. Estimates project Justice Reinvestment to save the state over $250 million by the end of 2017-19 in avoided costs.

Below Forecast

By March 2016, the prison population was 100 prison beds below the April 2015 prison forecast, and 417 prison beds below the April 2013 forecast.



On average 100 inmates per month participate in Short Term Transitional Leave. Participants have a failure-rate of only 5% and lower one-year recidivism rates than eligible non-participants.

Distributing Funds

$38.7 million in Justice Reinvestment Grant Program funds are distributed to Oregon counties.


First Summit

CJC holds first Justice Reinvestment Summit

Rules Created

Rules are created to govern the Justice Reinvestment Grant Program.


Initial Reinvestment

$15 million in initial reinvestment funds are distributed to counties.


HB 3194

HB 3194, the Justice Reinvestment Act, passes the Oregon Legislature which made several modest sentencing changes and created the Justice Reinvestment Grant Program.

Vera Implementation

CJC Begins receiving implementation assistance from the Vera Institute of Justice.


Oregon joins BJA’s Justice Reinvestment Initiative.


Public Safety Report

Commission on Public Safety published final report to the Governor proposing several policy recommendations which become the foundation for HB 3194.

Increased Prison Usage

Oregon’s incarceration rate increases at a pace four time the national average. The prison population reaches more than 14,000 inmates resulting in a total biennial corrections budget of over $1.4 billion.