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Financial programs


Budget instructions

2023-25 Budget Instructions

Budget glossary 

2021-23 Price List of Goods & Services

2023-25 Price List of Goods & Services


Budget instruction forms

​Budget narrative ​107bf02
​Facilities summary report narrative ​107bf02a
​Revenue estimate report - - Other Funds 107bf06a
​Revenue estimate report - - Federal Funds 107bf06b
​Detail of Lottery Funds, Other Funds, and Federal Funds revenue ​107bf07
​Detail of fee, license, or assessment revenue increase ​107bf08
​Lottery bond requests 107bf09
​Major construction/acquistion project narrative ​107bf11
​HECC public university/community college construction acquistions narrative 107bf11a​
​Capital financing six-year forecast summary 107bf12​
​Major construction/acquisition 10-year plan 107bf13
Article XI-Q bond financing and other financing requests 107bf15​
​HECC public university/community college Article XI-G bond financing requests 107bf15a​
​Facilities summary report 107bf16a​
​Facilities operations and maintenance and deferred maintenance report 107bf16b
​10% reduction options (ORS 291.216) 107bf17​
​Request for fee increase/establishment/decrease 107bf21​
​Fee change detail report 107bf22​
​Program prioritization form

​Program prioritization Instructions
​Current Service Level (CSL) exception
CSL Exception
​Legislative Concept Request form ​LC Request form




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