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​​​​​​The Statewide Accounting and Reporting Services (SARS) unit provides leadership in accounting and in the reporting of the financial results for the State of Oregon.
  • Manage federal reporting, reporting data, and security.

  • Provide consultation to agency staff on accounting and financial reporting.

  • Compile and publish the state's audited Annual Comprehensive ​Financial Report.

  • Provide state administration for: security of the financial systems, travel card program, and travel policy.

​​​The SARS Statewide Accounts Receivable Management (SWARM) team monitors state agency debt collection functions and assists state agencies in efforts to improve the collection of delinquent debts.

Accounting for Coronavirus (COVID-19) Costs:

Updated Agency Communication for Enterprise-wide Direct COVID-19 Cost Tracking

Updated Agency Communication for Enterprise-wide "In Relation To" COVID-19 Cost Tracking​​

Accounting for COVID-19 FAQ - Updated 05.14​.2020​

ECC's Cost Weekly Tracker - Agency_XXX_CovidCostTracker_PeriodEnding_XX.XX.2020.xlsx

Weekly Cost Tracker - Sample​

State Agency CRF Reimbursement Request Resources:

Form to use to request a CRF reimbursement​: State Agency CRF Reimbursement Request F​orm

Tool to consider using to document how the employee's time is CRF eligible: CRF Payroll Documentation

Checklist to complete and submit with each reimbursement request: Agency CRF Reimbursement Checklist.xlsx

​Questions? Send an email to​: CoronavirusRelief​​


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