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This page will display proposed rule changes of the Department of Administrative Services and announce the comment period for public comments. You can also review recently adopted rules and link to the agency's current, published rules.

Proposed rules

Proposed rule changes open for public comment. Please send your written comments to the DAS rules coordinator,


​Rule caption
​Public Comment
ends at 5 p.m.
​Proposed rule text
and notice forms
​125 ​Adopts and amends State Purchasing rules to comply with legislative changes in SB494 (2019) ​February 18, 2020 125-Div_55_EGS_NoticeFilingTrackedChanges_0121_2020.pdf
125 ​​Adopts, amends and repeals rules governing disposition and acquisition of state real property interests. ​January 15, 2020 125-045_EAM_NoticeFilingTrackedChanges_1213_2019.pdf

Recently adopted rules

​Changes that have been approved and filed with the Secretary of State within the last six months (approximately).

​Chapter ​Title of rule(s) Published rule text
​125 ​Amends DAS Public Contracting Rules 125-Div_246-249_EGS_Permanent_Filing_2019_1223.pdf
​125 ​Amend and Adopt State Purchasing rules to comply with legislative changes in SB494 (2019) 125-Div_55_EGS_Temporary Filing_09262019.pdf
​105 ​Amends Employee Contributions and Limitations to Retirement 105-Div 20_CHRO_SOS-Permanent Filing_07112019.pdf

Published rules

DAS administrative rules are found on the Secretary of State's website​ in the following chapters. Click on chapter number to link to the corresponding set of published rules.

125      Department of Administrative Services

122      Chief Financial Office

105      Chief Human Resources Office

128​      Office of the State Chief Information Officer