Electronic government​

Electronic government to us means providing services to our Oregon residents over the Internet.  We assist other levels of government who come to use our online services provided through our contract with our private industry partner.
We are the largest single provider of internet services for our state government but certainly not all.  We support over 165 websites, mostly within Oregon.gov.  We help agencies move payment processes online.  Our single year high in collecting payments over the internet is $3 billion.  We provide many Internet applications such as licensing, public meetings, training portals, event management and hundreds of services to dynamically lookup information.  We support the state’s largest collaboration portal used by state government, businesses, vendors, and citizens working to support the state’s mission.  And we support government transparency with the dynamic open data portal viewed over 20 million times. Finally, we are working to use the Internet to expand two way interaction between government and the residents of Oregon.

Governor's order


Oregon The Department of Administrative Services (DAS) / Office of the State Chief Information Officer’s E-Government Program has a requirement under the Governor’s Executive Order 01-25 and specific statutory requirements to deliver centralized and improved services under ORS 184-305, 291-038, 291.032 and 291-034 to the State of Oregon in a comprehensive electronic government initiative. In the 2001 Legislative Assembly, DAS  was charged with implementing an electronic government program that was to revamp the State Internet presence and improve the general interaction between government and its citizens.


EPAB - statutory advisory board

The legislature established the Electronic Government Portal Advisory Board (EPAB) under ORS 182.128 to advise the Office of the State CIO on key decisions and strategic choices regarding how the state manages and operates the Web portal services that may be provided through a third party portal provider.  


Oregon.gov is the connection point for citizens to access state agency services and information on the Internet.  “Web portal services” means providing the hosting, Web content management, electronic commerce, public collaboration and application development needed to operate and maintain Oregon.gov and conduct electronic commerce transactions online.