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The E-Governance Board promotes innovative, mobile enabled, usability tested websites that are both consistent and flexible throughout over 100 Oregon.gov public Web sites.  The multi-agency board focuses on the important connection between all state agencies, boards and commissions of state government and the public we serve. Under the sponsorship of the Governor's office, the Board meets regularly to consider and set website standards, advanced web communication techniques, provide assistance and communicate opportunities that go with maintaining the state's large presence on the Web. 

  Photo of E-Governance Board members
In this site, you'll learn about initiatives by the state's Web publisher and the E-Government Program​ in the Office of State CIO. You'll read about actions the Board has taken to promote a consistent "look and feel"​ that enables users to navigate easily and find the information they need. 



Along with Oregonians, the E-Governance Board members actively participated in the design decisions that resulted in Oregon.gov winning finalist recognition in the 2015 Best of the Web awards from the Center for Digital Government.    For the second year in a row, Oregon.gov has been recognized in the Best of the Web awards.  Oregon.gov underwent over 100 usability and accessibility tests with Oregon residents to make sure the state’s portal design was usable for all Oregonians​​.

Tom Fuller
Communications Manager
Transportation Department
Ashley Massey
ashley.massey@state.or.us​  Communications Manager
Marine Board
E-Government Program Manager:
Wally Rogers



Digital Governments Best of Web 2015 Finalist award image
The E-Governance Board guided the design of the award-winning Oregon.gov portal project.