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Oregon Electronic Government Program

​About Oregon's E-Government Program

The Oregon Electronic Government Program ("E-Government Program") provides online services to Oregon residents, visitors, and businesses over the internet through desktop or mobile devices. The E-Government Program is advised by two boards, Electronic Government Portal Advisory Board ("EPAB") and E-Governance Board. We have worked closely with our prime contract Tyler Ore​gon for about 10 years.

We manage the portal that hosts over 165 websites with over 300 different online services. These online services are growing at a rate between 20 to 30 per year. Within state government, we are the largest enterprise provider of websites, internet applications, transparent government data, tools to support collaboration, and online payment processing.​ has become an important medium for accessing state government information and services. We support government transparency with the​ portal, which is viewed over 20 million times per year. We provide many internet applications such as licensing, public meetings, training, event management, and hundreds of services to dynamically search for information. In enabling agencies to collect payments online, agencies collect substantial payments online -- with single year high exceeding $3 billion.​

​With input from our stakeholders, both inside and outside state government, we aim to continuously improve exist​ing services and to develop new ones that positively impact Oregonians and our government partners. To reach the E-Government Program with comments or questions, please email us at​.​

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Current System Status​​​​​​​




  • New and redesigned websites
  • Emergency response websites
  • Hosting and content management
  • Section 508 and WCAG 2.0 AA compliant templates
  • Content strategy and build-out support

Data Services

  • Custom data set development
  • Data visualizations
  • Embeddable dashboards
  • Website/application data integration
  • platform provided at no cost

Web Applications

  • Custom web application development
  • AppEngine rapid application builds
  • Payment processing integration
  • Rapid form solution
  • Simple payment processing forms
  • Storefronts
  • Event registration


  • Treasury-approved payment processing
    • Online and over the counter
    • Card swipe machines
    • Credit and debit cards
    • E-checks
  • Reduced PCI compliance requirements
  • Agency or third-party application integration
  • Over-the-counter card swipes

Govern​ance & Program Partners

The E-Governance Board promotes innovative, mobile enabled, usability tested websites that are both consistent and flexible throughout over 100 ​public Web sites. T​he multi-agency board focuses on the important connection between all state agencies, boards and commissions of state government and the public we serve. Under the sponsorship of the E-Government Program​, the Board meets regularly to co​nsider and set website standards, advanced web communication techniques, provide assistance and communicate opportunities that go with maintaining the state's large presence on the Web.

Electronic Government Portal Advisory Board ("EPAB"​) is comprised of members from the public, the legislature and government executives, providing advice and guidance to state government concerning the delivery of services to the public online. Though it is mostly focused on the services provided by the Department of Administrative Services ("DAS"​) E-Government Program offered by Shared Services, its scope is not limited to that. Members of the legislature are non-voting and provide important feedback to the board on the needs they ​collect from residents to help our government advance. Public members keep our efforts connected to what matt​e​rs to the res​idents of Oregon. You can find year-end statis​tics, delivered services, awards, and other information about the E-Government Program on the EPAB website.

Project Portfolio Performance ("P3") provide oversight and portfolio management of all information technology investments. The staff serves as advisors, making recommendations for agency alignment with enterprise strategies and architecture, project management and IT governance maturity, industry best practices, and agency business goals. This office helps facilitate efficient decision making, policy and statutory adherence and provides tools and training to assist agencies in achieving project success.

Tyler Oregon's mission is to build essential digital services that connect citizens and businesses with their government. It all happens through a public-private partnership. Since 2011, Tyler Oregon has worked with Oregon state agencies, boards, and commissions to develop innovative digital services as the enterprise partner of the E-Government Program.

E-Government Guidance Documents