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Plain Language

Plain Language: It's the Law, and a Good Idea

When government writers use plain language, the audience finds what it needs, understands what it finds, and uses what it finds to meet its needs. 

State agencies are encouraged to use these resources to promote use of plain language to meet the standards of Oregon's plain language law, ORS 183.750.   

​​​Plain Language Style Guide
One-page quick card for writers

A checklist to ensure your documents and publications address the various elements of Oregon’s plain language law
Short articles on three main writing topics
DAS Writing for Easy Reading
A self-help guide

DAS Editorial Style Guide​
Standards for DAS that other agencies may use
DCBS Style​book​
Comprehensive advice from DCBS communications experts
A style guide from the Nursing Home Administration
Office of State Court Administrator Clear Writing Guidelines
Writing guidelines for authors who write official documents for the Office of the State Court Administrator​

​​State employees can visit the Oregon State Library's Website for additional resources and training materials on plain language.​

​​Center for Plain Language
A non-profit organization focused on helping government agencies and businesses write clearly

Federal Government
​A group of federal employees who support the use of clear communication in government writing forms the Plain Language Action and Information Network (PLAIN)

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