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Workers' Compensation

Coverage Information

The state of Oregon provides coverage for work-related injuries and diseases of the state's employees and some of its volunteers. Work-related means the employee or volunteer was performing duties within course and scope of their employment. Some of the benefits include payment for lost wages and medical costs. It can also pay benefits to dependents of an employee or volunteer that suffers a work-related fatality.

​​​SAIF Corporation (SAIF) provides our instate workers' compensation coverage. DAS Risk Management works with SAIF and agencies to manage this policy, its claims and costs. The following provides links to the most commonly requested information and forms about workers' compensation coverage:

SAIF Corporation how to file a claim
Instruction on how to file a claim.

Summary of injured worker benefits

A summary of injured worker benefits, including time-loss benefits, coverage of medical treatment, and more.

ORS 656 Workers' Compensation
Workers' Compensation law determines the insurance requirements and benefit provisions for workers injured on the job.

SAIF Corporation 801 form

SAIF's injury report form.

What happens if I'm hurt on the job?

A guide to Oregon's workers' compensation benefits, rights and responsibilities.

Check with your agency for additional information and forms they may require.