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DCBS social media accounts

Access the latest news and events, check out our education series that cover everything from workplace safety to saving for retirement, and ask questions of our experts, all through our social media.

Department of Consumer and Business Services

Get the latest from DCBS, Building Codes Division, Division of Financial Regulation, Workers' Compensation Division, Employee Services, and updates from the DCBS Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council.

Follow us at @OregonDCBS

Oregon Division of Financial Regulation

Watch our education series on YouTube. Some of the topics we cover include: Working with a lender, wildfire and other disaster preparedness insurance, debt help, auto claims help, and hearings (drug price transparency; licensing of pharmaceutical representatives).

Oregon OSHA

Stay up to date with events, regulations, and news through our Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Access our education series on YouTube.

Follow us at @OregonOSHA

Workers' Compensation Division: Preferred Worker Program

Learn how the Preferred Worker Program can help injured-on-the-job qualified Oregon workers and upcoming events on Facebook. Watch workers’ compensation videos for workers, employers, insurers, and medical providers on YouTube.


Sara Keck, Digital Communications Officer