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​​When fingerprints are needed​

Subject individuals (SIs) may be required to have a fingerprint-based check as part of the Background Check Unit (BCU) criminal records check. More information is available about when fingerprints are needed:

Fingerprinting​​ methods

BCU encourages the use of electronic capture and submission of fingerprints.


FieldPrint, Inc. is an international corporation based on the east coast. Oregon's Department of Administrative Services has contracted with them to provide services all state agencies, including ODHS and OHA. FieldPrint has subcontracted with local businesses (called FieldPrint vendors) to do the fingerprinting. These businesses range from fulltime fingerprint technicians to packaging and shipping businesses that do fingerprinting as a side business. FieldPrint is a national corporation and provides fingerprinting services for BCU in any state where an SI currently resides.

How​ to schedule an appointment with FieldPrint

  • Directions on how to schedule an appointment with a FieldPrint vendor are included in a letter available in ORCHARDS after a background check application has been initiated by the qualified entity designee at your agency and the SI has completed the authorization and disclosure for the background check. 
  • The information in the letter is unique for each SI and background check. 
  • Follow the directions carefully in the letter and the email notification the qualified entity designee receives regarding fingerprinting.

If the SI is out of the U.S.

  • The current Oregon contract with FieldPrint does not include any out-of-country services. 
  • If an SI is out of the U.S. when fingerprinting is required, a hard card with rolled fingerprints may be necessary.


  • The current charge for fingerprint capture through FieldPrint is $12.50
  • It is up to your agency whether the agency or the SI pays this cost. 
  • It must be paid with a credit card at the time the SI schedules the appointment.

Monthly i​nvoicing

If your agency anticipates fingerprinting 100 or more SIs each year, you can work with FieldPrint to set up monthly invoicing.

Law enforcement agency transmission

Some SIs go to law enforcement agencies (LEAs) to get their fingerprints transmitted directly to Oregon State Police. For these SIs, their agency may have an agreement to offer these services. If your agency uses LEAs for fingerprint capture, you must have correct coding so Oregon State Police can identify the fingerprints as part of a criminal records check through BCU.

Hard card rolled fingerprints​​

Oregon law requires any SI who is having a background check that requires fingerprints through BCU to have their fingerprints captured and submitted electronically. However, at this time BCU is able to accept hard cards with rolled fingerprints. This option can be used for SIs currently outside the U.S., or if your SI does not have access to FieldPrint or other Livescan option. BCU will notify​ stakeholders when there is a moratorium on hard cards with rolled fingerprints.