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​​Financial recovery comprises several programs under the Office of Payment Accuracy and Recovery that help offset costs of human services by collecting money from individuals, the estates of people who received certain ODHS services, institutions and others.

These groups ensure program integrity by improving payment accuracy and recovery efforts throughout the department.


The Administration Section is responsible for providing leadership to ODHS recovery efforts. It takes the lead in championing IT system and process improvement efforts as well as coordinating business planning, business continuity, and the budget and legislative processes for the office.

Contact information:

Phone: 503-378-4053
Fax: 503-373-0357

Client Maintenance Unit (CMU)

CMU provides customer service to ODHS and OHA staff, as well as other state agencies, who submit requests to assist with correction and maintenance in MMIS or other state systems to ensure program accuracy and integrity.

Contact information:

Address: PO Box 14850, Salem, OR 97309-0850
Phone: 503-378-4369

CMU Request System (web form):

Data Match Unit

DMU works a variety of federally mandated reports in conjunction with other states to achieve their goal of ensuring program integrity while reducing erroneous benefits and identifying fraud.

Contact information:

Phone: 503-378-3727
Fax: 503-378-3207

Estate Administration

Federal and state law may require ODHS or OHA to seek reimbursement from a recipient's estate for some or all the benefits the individual received from the following programs:

  • Medical Assistance (Medicaid)
  • General Assistance
  • Oregon Supplemental Income Program
  • A monthly contribution to help pay for Medicare Part D

Contact information:

Address: PO Box 14021, Salem, OR 97309-5024
Phone: 503-378-2884
Fax: 503-378-3137
Oregon-only toll-free: 800-826-5675
Estate Administration Unit FAQs

Fraud Investigations

Fraud Investigations Unit investigates allegations of fraud in ODHS programs. ​

Contact information:

Address: PO Box 14150, Salem, OR 97309
​​Fax: 503-373-1525

Health Insurance

The Health Insurance Group (HIG) ensures that third-party resource information for ODHS and OHA clients is entered into the Medical Management Information System accurately and timely. HIG researches, analyzes, verifies and enters third party medical resources, resulting in cost avoidance of Medicaid expenditures, recoupment of expenses incurred in error, and accurate, timely payment of claims. HIG works with ODHS staff statewide, as well as insurance carriers, managed care providers and other state agencies.

Contact information:

Address: PO Box 14023, Salem, OR 97310
Phone: 503-378-6233

Medical Payment Recovery

The Medical Payment Recovery Unit recovers Medicaid funds that have been expended where other insurance coverage should have been a primary resource. MPR works with insurance carriers, managed care providers, clients and other state agencies. See Frequently Asked Questions

Contact information:

Address: PO Box 14023, Salem, OR 97309
Phone: 503-378-2005
Fax: 503-391-2360

Overpayment Recovery

Overpayment recovery occurs when ODHS and OHA pay too much to clients or vendors for non-eligible cash, medical or food benefits or vendor payments.

Contact information:

Address: PO Box 14150, Salem, OR 97309-0430
Phone: 503-373-7772
Toll-free: 800-273-0548


NOTE: To reach the Oregon Employment Overpayment Recovery Unit, call 800 553-5396.

Overpayment Writing

OWU identifies and calculates overpaid benefits to O​DHS clients and child care providers. The goal is to ensure that recipients of food benefits, medical and other types of public assistance receive only benefits they are eligible to receive.

Contact information:

Address: PO Box 14150, Salem, OR 97309
Phone: 503-373-1872
Toll-free: 877-888-3578
Fax: 503-373-1525

Payment Error Rate Measurement (PERM)

The PERM program measures improper payments in Medicaid and CHIP and produces error rates for each program. PERM requires federal agencies to review programs they administer and identify those that may be susceptible to significant improper payments, to estimate the amount of improper payments, to submit those estimates to Congress and to submit a report on actions the agency is taking to reduce the improper payments. Both paid and denied claims are used to calculate the payment error rate.

Contact information:

Personal Injury Lien

Personal Injury Lien seeks reimbursements for medical and other expenses when a client may be involved in a vehicle accident or a personal injury situation.

Contact information:

Address: PO Box 14512, Salem, OR 97309
Phone: 503-378-4514
Toll-free: 800-377-3841
Fax: 503-378-2577


Technology and Transformation Unit

The Technology and Transformation Unit provides support to all units within the Office of Payment Accuracy and Recovery (OPAR).

Our varied areas of focus involve providing technical support, systems access, financial and data analysis and driving continuous improvement efforts for all of OPAR.

Contact information:

Phone: 503-378-3727
Fax: 503-378-3207​​​​​