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Child Welfare Division Vision for Transformation

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About the Vision for Transformati​on

The Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS) is transforming the Child Welfare Division. ​We seek to create a Child Welfare Division that supports the individual needs of families and best serves Oregon's children and young people. We envision a true transformation built on core values and a belief that children do best growing up in a family.

The Child Welfare Vision for Transformation:

  • ​Came from a collaboration among diverse partners to create and implement a strategic roadmap for success. 
  • Includes specific guiding principles​, strategies and measurable outcomes.
  • Centers equity and diversity in all that we do and recognizes that the child welfare system has done significant harm to communities of color, Tribal Nations and other marginalized communities, and is committed to doing no further harm.

 ​Read the Child Welfare Division Vision for ​Transfor​mation

Our commitment

Every day we will look to the Child Welfare Division Vision for Trans​formation and ensure that our work ​​aligns with its guiding principles. This is true for every aspect of our work, whether we are making screening decisions, case planning, budgeting, engaging with Tribal Nations, engaging with our community partners or developing long-term strategic plans. 

As a result, ODHS will be better able to support Oregon families and children at home and in their communities. Transforming our child welfare system will support children and young adults to be safer and healthier and to experience less trauma and greater well-being. Our children and families deserve nothing less.​​

​Read the July 2022 Upda​​te

Questions or feedb​ack?

We want to hear from you. Please reach out to us at childwelfare.d​ ​