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Compass Project

​​The federal government requires people with intellectual and developmental disabilities to have a needs assessment to receive services.

In the past, the Office of Developmental Disabilities Services (ODDS) used several needs assessments and other tools to identify needs, risks and level of care. At the request of the Oregon Legislature, ODDS created a single assessment tool for all who receive services to make moves between services easier.

This new tool is the Oregon Need​s Assessment (ONA).​​


An assessor conducts the ONA while objectively ensuring everyone is assessed the same way. In the past, case managers conducted many assessments. Having someone who is not the case manager do assessments lets the case manager focus on helping the person develop their individual support plan (ISP). The case manager and assessor work together to support the person through the ONA process. The case manager can be with the person during the assessment. Other people may also be invited to help answer questions during the assessment. 

After the ON​​​A is completed

Anyone who wants a copy of their ONA can ask for it. The assessor or the case manager can provide a copy when it is completed.

If you have questions or don't think the ONA results accurately reflect your needs:

  • Talk to the case manager who will follow up with the assessor.
  • Talk to the assessor directly.
  • File a complaint if there are disagreements or concerns. The case manager or assessor can help people fill out the complaint or the person can follow these steps to file a complaint.

The ONA is used to determine an person's service group. Read more about the Service Group Framework.

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Image depicting three areas of assessment with level of care, funneling into ONA