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Compass Project

​​The service group framework uses information collected in a person's Oregon Needs Assessment​ to place them in a service groups of people of a similar age and who have a similar level of need for support services. There are 14 service groups. 

A chart with four columns. Column 1: Adults 18+ shows five levels of need show five levels of need, Very Low, Low, Moderate, High and Very High. Colum 2: Adolescents 12 – 17 shows five levels of need, Very Low, Low, Moderate, High and Very High.  Column 3: Child 4 – 11 shows three levels from Very Low to Low, Moderate and High to Very High. The final column: Infant/Toddler 0 – 3 shows only one level, called Infant/Toddler Supports. 

Service Groups provide a consistent way to determine the number of monthly hours a person receives for services. They also guide how much a provider will be paid for their services. They do not determine the type of services a person receives; the Individual Support Plan does this.

More ​information

To learn more about the framework and a particular service group, attend or view a training or read the information in the service group fact sheets and handbooks below. ​

Service group fact sheets 


​Service group handbooks

Infant/To​​ddler 0 - 3 supp​​ort needs​

​Children 4 - 11  supp​​​ort needs

Adolescent 12 - 17 support needs

Adult 18 + support needs​


For more information, please contact your case manager.​