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Compass Project

​​​​The Office of Developmental Disabilities Services (ODDS) created the Compass Project to improve the way people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) receive services.

This person-centered reorientation includes changes to waivers, the 1915(k) State Plan (K Plan), Oregon administrative rules (OARs) and policies to create a system that is easy to use, is transparent and provides quality supports so Oregonians with I/DD have a good life in the communities where they live, work and play.

K P​​lan

The K Plan — also called the 1915(k) State Plan or the Community First Choice Option — is a Medicaid state plan option authorized under the Affordable Care Act.

It allows states like Oregon to provide home and community-based attendant services and supports while receiving an increase in federal medical assistance funds for those services. Oregonians receiving K Plan benefits may still receive other Medicaid-funded and non-Medicaid-funded home and community-based supports and long-term care services. ​


A Medicaid waiver is a provision in Medicaid law through which the federal government “waives" certain rules that normally govern the Medicaid program. When a state applies for a waiver, it asks the federal government for permission to operate its Medicaid program in ways not normally allowed.

Waivers give states flexibility to:

  • Design and operate their Medicaid programs.
  • Deliver health care services in new ways.
  • Reduce costs by using different service strategies.
  • Expand coverage to groups of people usually not eligible. 

Oregon uses waivers and the K Plan to provide home and community-based services to people who need long-term care. This means they can stay in their own home or other community setting.​

Public notice and request for comment on Children's​ 1915(c) W​aiver amendment

ODDS seeks public comment by Oct. 14 regarding the #0117 Children's 1915(c) Waiver amendment.

​The Oregon Legislature passed Senate Bill 710, effective September 1, 2021, which includes language that limits the circumstances that permit restraints and the types of restraints more than what is currently approved in the children's waiver.  The bill further protects children from harm during a restraint by requiring enhanced supervision of staff who are restraining a child and increases reporting requirements. ODDS is updating the language in the waiver to be consistent with Senate Bill 710.  

Proposed Children's Waiver amendment documents:

For print versions, contact the Medicaid waiver and State Plan analyst at 503-507-2083 or

Comment deadline and submissions 

  • ​Deadline to submit comments is Oct. 14. Mailed comments must be received by this date. 
  • Submit comments:
    • Send by email to:, or
    • Send written comments to: ODDS Medicaid Waiver/State Plan Analyst, 500 Summer Street NE E-09, Salem, OR 97301. 

Approved​​ waivers