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​​​​​​​​​​Oregon Administrative Rules (OARs)

The OARs are operating principles or orders created by an office of the state under authority granted by the Legislature. These administrative rules have the force and effect of law.

Chapter 114, Division 005
State Long-Term Care Ombudsman, Access, Investigation and Reporting Procedures (For those 65 and over)
Chapter 411, Division 360
Adult Foster Homes for Persons with Developmental Disabilities
Chapter 411, Division 345
OAR 411-345 Employment Services for I/DD Individuals
Chapter 333, Division 008
Medical Marijuana
Chapter 333, Division 056
Infectious Waste Disposal
Chapter 407, Division 007
Criminal Records Check

Oregon Revised Statutes (ORS)

The ORS are a compilation of the general and permanent laws of Oregon. The following laws pertain to Oregon Adult Foster Homes for people with developmental disabilities.

ORS 443.705 - 443.825
Adult Foster Home Program
Chapter 181.537
Authority of Department of Human Services, Oregon Health Authority and Employment Department to require fingerprints; qualified entities; rules
Chapter 410.070
Duties of Department of Human Services; elderly persons and persons with disabilities; rules
Chapter 441.605(4)
Legislative declaration of rights intended for residents
Chapter 411.678
Review of finding that nursing assistant responsible for abuse; name placed on registry
Chapter 443.880 - 443.881
Responsibilities of residential facility regarding property of resident; transfer of property; undue influence
Chapter 443.991
ORS 459.386 - 459.405
Infectious Waste Disposal
ORS 475.300 - 475.346
Oregon Medical Marijuana Act
Chapter 678.010 - 678.445
Professional Nurses