​Twenty-four-hour residential programs for adults provide training and supports in community homes for adults (18 years and older) with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities that require 24-hour support, supervision and training. Programs provide an array of services for one to five adults per home.

*This endorsement also requires Medicaid agency certification with endorsement to provide 24-hour residential services.

Services allowed under this type

Programs endorsed and licensed under this type are responsible for providing room and board, monitoring and providing for the health, safety, dietary, behavioral, mental health and recreational needs as well as coordination with any educational program or employment for each individual. Ancillary services such as nursing, occupational therapy, speech therapy, behavioral consulting, etc., are available based on individual need. All 24-hour residential programs in Oregon are required to use the Individual Support Plan System, which defines the support services to be provided.

  • License Cycle: Two years

License Requirements - Initial

Licensure Walk-Through – An application for each residential home must be submitted to I/DD Licensing along with indicated support documents (floor plan, lease or ownership agreement, walk-through check-list, application fee). Walk-thru and applications for individual sites are not reviewed until an entity has been granted Medicaid Agency Certification. Upon review of the application information a licensing walk-through of the home will be scheduled. Any deficiencies will be noted and must be corrected (and/or variances accepted) prior to licensure of the home.

  • FEE: Application for one to five person home - $30.00, six or more $60.00

120-Day Licensing Review – After 120 days of home licensure, a full licensing review of the home and individuals living there will be conducted by a licensing team. The review will be unannounced. Any deficiencies will be documented in a full licensing report provided to the agency within approximately three to four weeks. Any deficiencies noted will require a written Plan of Improvement (POI) submitted to the department for review and acceptance.

License Reviews - Ongoing

Licensure Renewal - Programs are contacted six months prior to the indicated renewal date with a request for updated information and renewal application. Reviews are normally conducted within 30-120 days of renewal expiration. Plans of Improvement (POI) for any noted deficiencies are required.

  • FEE: No fee

In addition to renewal reviews, individual licensed sites are also subject to the following review types: follow-up, complaint, and monitoring visits.

Also see: Review types

Each 24-hour group home must demonstrate continued compliance with DHS' licensing standards, which are defined in OAR 411-325-0010. ​