An entity endorsed to provide supported living services provides individualized supports, delivered in a personalized manner, to individuals who live in the home of their choice such as an independent apartment or house. Levels of support are based on the individual's needs and preferences as defined and authorized in the Individual Support Plan (ISP).

Services include room and board and up to 24 hours of training and support, which promote opportunities for individuals to be a part of and participate in the community in which they live. Services must comply with standards required by DHS for certification, which are defined in Oregon Admini​strative Rules 411-328-0550.

*This endorsement also requires Medicaid Agency Certification

Services allowed under this type

Endorsed agencies provide direct support staff for up to 24 hours of training and support for the individual who promotes opportunities to be a part of and participate in the community in which they live. Direct care staff may also offer assistance with Activities of Daily Living (ADL), appointment and transportation coordination and meal planning. In some instances, entities can help locate appropriate housing.

  • Certification Cycle: Five year

Endorsement requirements – Initial

An application for endorsement to provide supported living services is normally made at the same time as the application for Medicaid Agency Endorsement. Existing Medicaid-certified agencies may also elect to apply for the endorsement at a later date.

Along with the initial application, the supported living endorsement requires the agency to provide additional supporting materials including, but not limited to, full agency policy and procedures specifically for the supported living services as identified in OARs 411-328-0550 to 411-328-0790; business and financial documents to support the addition of the endorsement, personnel information, and criminal history checks/final fitness determinations.

  • FEE: No fee

Endorsement requirements – Ongoing

Under the I/DD Licensing Unit, Office of Licensing and Regulatory Oversight, entities with the supported living endorsement are required to undergo, at minimum, one quality assurance review during the five-year certification period. All geographic locations under the agency’s supported living endorsement must have undergone required individual quality assurance reviews at their indicated intervals.

  • FEE: No fee

Entities are contacted several months prior to the indicated renewal date with a request for updated information and renewal application. Locations under review for this endorsement are given three days prior notice in order to assemble records at the required location. Reviews are normally conducted within 30-120 days of certification expiration. Plans of improvement for any noted deficiencies are required.

Entities endorsed to provide supported living services must demonstrate continued compliance with standards required by DHS, which are defined in Oregon Administrative Rules 411-328-0550 to 411-328-0790​.​