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Are you interested in becoming an I/DD services provider? Find information below to help you get started with the process.​​

Am I ready to apply?

  1. Have you made contact with your local Community Developmental Disability Program and/or brokerage to:
    • Familiarize yourself with the needs for the proposed service in your area.
    • Ensure yours is a service that can be authorized and paid for by the department.
    • Understand the local referral process, local monitoring requirements and case management resources.
    • Review or receive training regarding the Individual Support Plan (ISP) requirements
    • Understand the service approval through your Community Developmental Disabilities Program (CDDP) and payment process.

  2. Read the applicable Oregon Administrative Rule(s) for the service you wish to apply and have a thorough understanding of the standards (initial and ongoing) of the services you will be required to offer and maintain.

  3. Complete the appropriate application described below and all required supplemental materials for submission (incomplete application packets will not be accepted for review):
    • Full, completed application with descriptive scope of service
    • Copies of all supporting documents ( insurance, business plan, financial documents and all applicable policy and procedures)
    • Personnel information (criminal history/final fitness determinations, I-9 forms, Mandatory Abuse Reporting training, CPR/First Aid training)

Application process

The application process for Medicaid Agency Certification is coordinated by the I/DD Licensing Unit with pieces conducted by several different offices. The length of time to complete the process is dependent on the completeness of the initial application/supplemental materials and the response time of the applicant to any request for updated or additional information. The average amount of time required is 90 days but can take longer dependent on information provided and applicant follow-up response.

  • Request an application for the specific service type you wish to provide via email to​.
  • Submit completed application with all supporting materials to
  • Once review of your application has begun, you will be contacted regarding any follow-up questions or additional material required.
  • Applicant begins working with the Background Check Unit (BCU) to c​omplete required background checks for all owners and employees.
  • Once requirements for the Medicaid Agency Certification have been met, walk-through inspections will be conducted for any 24-hour licensure requested. Any noted corrections must be completed prior to licensure.
  • Medicaid Agency Certification and any applicable licenses will be issued with a copy to the provider as well as the local Community Developmental Disability Program. I/DD Licensing will also notify the eXPRS payment system.

What happens after I become a provider and begin serving individuals?

After you receive Medicaid Agency Certification with an endorsement in a specific area and/or a license for a 24-hour residential site, I/DD Licensing will issue the certificate/license with the effective dates. A copy will be provided to you as well as your local CDDP.

We will also automatically notify the eXPRS payment system. At that point, you have completed the initial certification/licensure process with I/DD Licensing and the Office of Licensing and Regulatory Oversight. Your main contacts for payment and referrals will be the local Community Developmental Disabilities Program and the State Office of Developmental Disabilities Services eXPRS team.

NOTE: You are not authorized to provide services to individuals until you have completed the applicable Provider Enrollment Agreement with the Office of Developmental Disabilities Services (ODDS). After you receive certification, the ODDS Contract Unit will contact you directly.

As a Medicaid Certified Agency, certified or licensed provider, you are required:

  • To maintain in continual compliance with all applicable Oregon Administrative Rules, policies and procedures.
  • Keep updated on Oregon Administrative Rule, policy and procedure changes and required trainings.
  • Respond in a complete and timely manner to Plan of Improvement requirements.
  • Notify the I/DD Licensing Unit, Office of Licensing and Regulatory Oversight (OLRO) of changes in key personnel, mailing and contact information for your agency as well as geographic locations and individual home sites.

You are also subject to:

  • Ongoing reviews by the I/DD Licensing Unit
    Quality assurance, renewal, complaint , monitoring and follow-up review
  • Reviews by other county and state entities
    Including but not limited to:
    • Monitoring visits by the local Community Developmental Disability Program
    • State Quality Assurance team
    • Oregon Safety Health Administration (OSHA)
    • Long-Term Care Ombudsman Office (LTCO)
    • Protective service investigations thru the local Community Developmental Disability Program and the Office of Adult Abuse and Investigations (OAAPI)