About the Volunteer Services Program

Thank you for your interest in volunteering for the Department of Human Services (DHS). Our volunteer program is unique; we have one of the only statewide and state-operated volunteer programs in the nation. We’ve been serving Oregon’s citizens since the late 1960s. 

Mission statement

Helping to achieve the goals and outcomes of the Department of Human Services through integrating the work of state and community partners.

Goals for Volunteer Services

  • To develop and maintain volunteer programs in local communities that support DHS goals and objectives.
  • To provide services that DHS cannot otherwise offer. This is done by recruiting and placing volunteers, developing new community resources and networking with community partners.
  • To provide for citizen and community involvement in achieving DHS goals and services.
  • To provide volunteers with opportunities for training, personal growth and advancement.
  • To recognize the volunteer as a valuable part of the community.
  • To develop community partnerships meeting local needs.
  • To promote volunteerism in DHS and the community.