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Volunteering at ODHS

Volunteers are an integral part of ODHS

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There are many opportunities for volunteers to serve clients and staff at the Oregon Department of Human Services (ODHS). Volunteers are recruited and placed in jobs that help meet community and customer needs. Volunteers provide personalized ways to help clients, staff, offices and communities in a wide variety of ways.

Steps to become a volunteer

Before you start volunteering, you need to:

Two ways​​ to apply

​Complete an online Volunteer Application or Intern Application. Your application will be sent to a local Volunteer Coordinator who will contact you for an interview.

- OR -

Contac​t the Volunteer Coordinator​ i​n your area to set up an appointment to complete the application and schedule an interview.​​

​Applic​​ation p​rocess

The online application collects basic demographic information, preferences for placement and references. High school students and ODHS clients don't have to provide references, but they must have been referred to Volunteer Services by a teacher, professor, ODHS caseworker or supervisor as part of their case plan. Individual districts can decide to require references as long as the requirement is consistent for all students and clients within the district.​

ODHS has a strong interest in providing a safe workplace for its employees, protecting the State's resources and assuring the well-being of our customers and clients. We will check references on all prospective volunteers to make sure they haven't engaged in activities that are incompatible with the agency's mission and they don't pose a danger to the people we serve. These checks include criminal background information or information from local juvenile authorities when applicable.

There are many ways volunteers help serve ODHS clients and staff. Volunteers are recruited and placed in jobs that help to meet community and customer needs. Volunteers provide personalized ways to help clients, staff, offices and communities. Every effort is made to place ODHS volunteers in opportunities that best meets their abilities and interests.

Volunteers don't replace paid staff. They donate their time and skills to supplement staff services.

We offer a broad range of volunteer opportunities.

Opportunities include

  • ​​Activities for clients​
  • Child care, education and recreation for children​
  • Family advocacy
  • Locating resources
  • Mentoring
  • Office assistance
  • Seasonal programs
  • Support and training for clients
  • Supporting the independence of people who are elderly or disabled​
  • ​Tutoring and interpreting
  • Transporting clients​

The ODHS volunteer program is unique; we have one of the only statewide and state-operated volunteer programs in the nation. We've been serving Oregon's citizens since the late 1960s.

Our mission

Helping to achieve the goals and outcomes of the Oregon Department of Huma​n Services through integrating the work of state and community partners.

Our goals

  • To develop and maintain volunteer programs in local communities that support ODHS goals and objectives.
  • To provide services that ODHS cannot otherwise offer. This is done by recruiting and placing volunteers, developing new community resources and networking with community partners.
  • To provide for citizen and community involvement in achieving ODHS goals and services.
  • To provide volunteers with opportunities for training, personal growth and advancement.
  • To recognize the volunteer as a valuable part of the community.
  • To develop community partnerships meeting local needs.
  • To promote volunteerism in ODHS and the community.​

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Volunteer Services
500 Summer St NE, E15
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8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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