Child Abuse

When a child dies or is seriously injured as a result of neglect or abuse, it is a heartbreaking tragedy.

If the victim or a family member has had contact with DHS, the agency studies these incidents by gathering a group of responsible individuals representing several agencies to form a Critical Incidence Response Team, or CIRT. In the interest of public health, a CIRT seeks to identify systemic issues and generate recommendations for what can be learned, changed or corrected that might reduce future tragic outcomes.

Each CIRT process creates three separate reports. When criminal and other investigations related to the case close, the final report can be released to the public. In accordance with state law, DHS does not release the personal information about children or families involved in the child welfare system, even if that information has been released through other means.

CIRT and Sensitive Review Committee Reports

For more than a decade, DHS has conducted sensitive reviews. Over time, the reporting structure has changed. This searchable index includes sensitive review committee reports as well as individual CIRT reports. All reports are posted in PDF format.​

2019M.H. CIRT Public Report
2019N.P. CIRT Public Report
2019C.V. CIRT Public Report
2019J.J. CIRT Public Report
2019B.B. CIRT Public Report
2019Z.H.F. CIRT Public Report
2019A.C. CIRT Status Report
2019C.P. CIRT Status Report
2019K.P. CIRT Public Report
2019D.B. CIRT Public Report
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