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Nursing Facilities 
2/12/2019NF-19-35 Admin Alert Flooding Awareness Feb 2019
1/11/2019NF-19-34 - Admin Alert Upcoming News Hour January 17 2019
1/10/2019NF-19-33 - Admin Alert Safe Injection Practices
1/8/20192019 CNA Staffing Report TemplateSupplemental
1/8/2019NF-19-32 NA Staffing Report - Provider Alert
11/27/2018Admin Alert Flu Nov 2018 - reminder
11/19/2018Admin alert Getting Ready for Flu
10/23/2018October 26 Repeat of News Hour
10/15/2018NF-18-27 NF Provider Alert PASSR1
10/15/2018NF-18-28 Provider Alert Facility Report Incident Process
10/15/2018NF-18-28 Supplemental FRI Form DHS 2803 (rev9-18)Supplemental
10/15/2018NF-18-29 Upcoming News Hour October 19
10/9/2018NF-18-26 Admin Alert Cost Report Reminder
8/9/2018NF-18-25 Admin Alert NF Rate ‌Information
8/9/20181. NF Rate Letter 2018 - SupplementalSupplemental
8/9/20182. Cost Report Letter 2018 - SupplementalSupplemental
8/9/20183. NF Max Com Letter 18 - SupplementalSupplemental
7/24/2018Provider Alert Poor Air Quality
7/19/20182018 CNA Report AmendedSupplemental
7/18/201818-23-NF Provider Alerts - Upcoming News Hour
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Residential Care, Assisted Living and Memory Care Communities​​​
12/4/2018Delay in issuing payment 12.04.2018
10/9/2018NF-18-26 Admin Alert Cost Report Reminder
7/12/2018Admin alert heat July 2018
6/22/2018Admin alert Pride month June 2018
6/18/2018Admin alert abuse guide June 2018
6/4/2018Admin alert toxic water June 2018 lifted
5/31/2018Admin alert toxic water May 2018 updated
4/24/2018Admin alert executive appointment April 2018
4/19/2018Admin alert medications packaging April 2018
4/17/2018Admin alert notice of compliance April 2018
4/2/2018Admin alert News Hour reminder April 2018
3/20/2018Admin alert OSBN joint statement March 2018
2/9/2018HB3359 2018.lb.4pm
2/7/2018Admin alert HB3359 webinarFeb 2018
1/25/2018Welcome to Community Based Care Webinar1.ppt January 2018ppt
1/24/2018Admin alert PERM reminder Jan 2018
1/24/2018Admin alert Tsunami safety Jan 2018
12/12/2017Admin alert Move training
12/1/2017Admin alert PSU survey Dec 2017
10/16/2017Admin alert license fee increase oct 2017 2017 (002)
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Referral Agents

11/30/2018Long-Term Care Referral Agent Registration Deadline