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Arriving at the Facility

UPDATE: In-person visiting is once again available at DOC institutions with additional health and safety protocols. Learn more and schedule your visit today!

On the Day of Your Visit

When you arrive at the facility for a visit, park and lock your vehicle in the visiting parking lot. Keep in mind that:

  • Visiting hours are different for each facility. You can visit the Prison Locations page to find hours for your facility. 
  • Children and animals cannot be left unattended in the vehicle or anywhere on the institution grounds. 
  • You must arrive no later than 30 minutes before the end of a visiting session. Delays may occur when you are waiting for a visit. Plan for unanticipated delays by giving yourself plenty of time to go through the check-in process. 

Metal Detectors

All visitors will go through a security checkpoint to access the visiting area. Security staff will screen all visitors and search all authorized hand-carried items. As a part of the security screening, you may be required to walk through a metal detector or be "wanded" by a handheld metal detector. If additional screening is needed, visitors may be subject to a frisk search conducted by a security staff member of the same gender as the visitor. 

Visitors with internal or external medical devices should check with their doctor prior to arriving to determine whether it is safe to go through a metal detector. If the doctor determines that it is not safe for the visitor to be processed through a metal detector, the visitor must have documentation from the physician stating this. Visitors with pacemakers should carry a pacemaker ID card. Visitors confined to a wheelchair will also need to provide medical documentation to support their need to be in a wheelchair. Reasonable accommodations will be made for visitors with disabilities in compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA). 

You can print and have your doctor complete a Metal Detector Medical Exception Form.