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Visiting Guidelines

UPDATE: In-person visiting is once again available at DOC institutions with additional health and safety protocols. Learn more and schedule your visit today!

The Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) Visiting Rule (291-127) was recently updated. Please visit the Department News and Updates page for details. The information below also reflects the recent changes.

What to Bring for Your Visit
  • Identification (ID)
    • For visitors ages 15 and up: A driver’s license, passport, state ID card, military ID card, school ID card or other official government ID card
  • Appropriate clothing 
    • DO NOT WEAR BLUE DENIM OR BLUE CLOTHING OF ANY KIND. This is for security purposes, since AICs themselves wear blue and blue denim clothing.
    • Dress conservatively. Dresses, skirts, jumpers, culottes, and shorts are permitted if they are worn at knee level or lower when standing. Footwear and undergarments MUST BE WORN.
    • Inappropriate clothing includes suggestive, revealing, low-cut or skimpy clothing. Hats, wrap-around skirts, halter tops, sheer or see-through clothing are not allowed. Other types of provocative clothing; camoflage of any kind; and clothing, hairstyles, insignias or other paraphernalia associated with security threat groups or that are inflammatory in nature are also not allowed. 
    • TIP: Leave an extra set of clothes in your car if you are not sure that your clothing meets the requirements.
  • Quarters
    • You may need to store items in a visiting locker, which requires a quarter to work.
    • You may also wish to bring quarters for use at the vending machine in the visiting room (no more than $15 in quarters is allowed).
  • Metal Detector Medical Exception Form 
    • If you have a medical condition that makes it unsafe for you to walk through a metal detector, talk to your doctor about documentation and have them complete the Metal Detector Medical Exception Form linked above.

Other Approved Items

  • Photographs to share
    • Visitors may bring five non-Polaroid photographs or five sheets of photographs into the visiting room. All photographs must leave the visiting room with the visitor at the end of the visit.
  • Items for your infant
    • Approved items per child include: two diapers, one clear plastic bottle, one single layer blanket, one pacifier, and diaper wipes contained in a clear plastic bag.
  • Emergency medications
    • Any medications that are prescribed for emergency purposes, such as inhalers or nitro tablets are to be left at the Sergeant’s desk for security reasons.
What to Leave at Home or in a Facility Locker
  • Non-emergency medications, prescribed or non-prescribed, are not allowed in the visiting room. 
  • Smoking of any kind is not allowed within a correctional institution or on State of Oregon property, so please leave any tobacco products, vapes, etc. behind. 
  • Cash or other negotiable instruments other than $20.00 in change. Tokens, tickets, bank cards or other authorized cash substitute devices may be allowed in the visiting area at certain facilities, we encourage you to check with the facility before your visit. 
  • Cell phones, pagers, or other electronic devices are also not allowed in the visiting area.
  • Weapons of any kind should not be brought into a facility.
  • Metal buttons, body piercings, jewelry, underwire bras, and some shoes may activate the metal detector. Avoid wearing metal as much as possible or be prepared to remove certain items in order to pass through the metal detector successfully. Remember that undergarments MUST BE WORN at all times.
  • Outer garments such as raincoats, ski jackets, and other garments that are lined are not allowed inside the visiting room.
  • Hats of any kind are not allowed to be worn inside the facility.