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Professional Visits

Professional Visit and Communication Guide

This information is intended as a reference and does not cover every aspect of the visiting and communication rules. To be completely familiar with Department of Corrections’ rules, review the rules in their entirety using the links provided on this page.

Professional Visiting

*****UPDATE 5/28/21*****

Oregon Department of Corrections (DOC) has devised a new way for you to schedule phone meetings with your in-custody clients.  Beginning June 1st, please utilize the form at: Legal Call Request Form ( to schedule calls for clients. This form allows you to submit your request at any time of the day or night. The request will arrive in an email box shared by multiple DOC Library Coordinators, ensuring a timely response to your requests. It is our sincerest hope that this new method of scheduling will allow DOC to provide you with exemplary customer service.


Professional visits (i.e., attorney, state and/or local agencies, other public or government agencies, psychological evaluations, etc.) with AICs must be scheduled in advance by contacting the facility’s Superintendent Office. When scheduling an appointment, please provide the following: 

  • AIC's name and SID number
  • Provide the names of all persons attending the visit (i.e., attorney, investigator, law clerk, etc.) All visitors will require a background check as noted below.
  • Date and time you wish to visit during visiting hours.
Notify staff when scheduling an appointment if you need to bring electronic equipment or materials in for your visit. Computers, tape recorders, testing materials, etc. may only be permitted with approval. You may be asked to put your request in writing explaining the need for the item(s). 

If you are a first time professional visitor, personal information is needed to conduct a background check prior to your first visit. Background checks will be updated periodically. Please provide the following information for ALL professional visitors attending a visit:

  • Full legal name
  • Date of birth
  • States lived in in the last five years
  • Organization work for, i.e., law office, state agency, etc. (you may be asked employment verification prior to a visit) 

FacilityScheduling TypePhoneEmail or Online Request
CCCFProfessional visits, criminal video hearings, criminal & civil hearings
(503) 570-6773
Email CCCF
Dept. of Human Services (DHS): professional in-person visits, telephonic hearings, and phone calls 
(503) 570-6773
Email CCCF​
Attorney calls and their teams: (Private Investigators, etc.) 
Submit a requ​est​
Male AICs on intake: professional visits, professional conference calls and hearings
(503) 570-2258

CRCILegal calls

Submit a request
All other professional scheduling
(971) 673-3614 Email CRCI​
DRCILegal calls (Attorney Calls)
Submit a request
Remote Hearings/All other professional scheduling
(541) 325-5233
Submit a request​
EOCILegal calls
Submit a request
All other professional scheduling(541) 278-3616
OSCILegal calls
Submit a requ​est
All other professional scheduling(503) 373-0113
OSPIn-person professional visits and video hearings
(​503) 378-2445 Email OSP
Hearings by phone(503) 378-4013

Legal calls for GP and Special Housing(503) 373-1750Submit a request​
PRCFLegal calls
Submit a request
All other professional scheduling​
(541) 523-6680

SCILegal calls
Submit a request
All other professional scheduling(503) 378-2774

SRCILegal calls
(541) 881-4537
Submit a request​

A​ll other professional scheduling

​SFFCLegal calls

Submit a request
All other professional scheduling(503) 842-2811
TRCILegal calls
Submit a request
All other professional scheduling(541) 922-2059 Email TRCI
WCCFLegal calls
Submit a request
All other professional scheduling(541) 947-8200
Submit a request​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​​

Professional visitors will need to present credentials and identification when checking in for a visit (i.e., bar card, driver’s license, agency ID, and letter of introduction from employer, etc.). 

  • Attorneys should present their bar card and valid picture ID (driver’s license). 
  • DHS workers should present their agency ID card and driver’s license. 
  • Law clerks should present a driver’s license and letter of introduction from their employer. Letters of introduction may be required at the time of scheduling for law clerks.
Attorneys and representatives from other criminal justice, state or local agencies may be permitted to bring necessary documents or paperwork into the visiting area for exchange with the AIC with prior approval. No more than a ¼” of paper is allowed to be exchanged with an AIC during a legal visit. All articles will be searched for contraband. No other items are permitted to be exchanged with an AIC. 

Professional visitors are expected to follow the same rules as general visitors as outlined in the Rule on Visiting (Inmate)No blue denim or AIC like attire is allowed to be worn by visitors. For the safety and security of everyone it is recommended that visitors avoid wearing any blue clothing. Please keep all metal to a minimum as the metal detector is sensitive. Underwire undergarments, steel supports in shoes, a large number of metal buttons on an outfit, etc. will set off the metal detector. If your clothing is determined to resemble AIC like attire or you cannot pass the metal detector, you will not be allowed access into the facility. 

Professional Phone Calls

Legal telephone calls may be scheduled when a professional visit is not possible. Contact the facility’s Transitional Services clerical support to schedule a legal call. Please be prepared with the following information when you call to schedule:

  • Name and SID # of the adult in custody
  • Date and time for call (have an alternate date available as well)
  • Expected duration of call
Please keep in mind that DOC facilities have a limited number of telephones available for legal calls. 

AIC calls to an attorney whose telephone numbers appear on the legal call list will not be monitored or recorded by the department. The legal call list includes the official telephone numbers of all attorneys registered with the Oregon State Bar Association. Numbers not registered as the official number for an attorney’s office and called on the AIC telephone system are subject to monitoring. 

Legal telephone calls are for legal purposes. Personal business/discussions are not considered legal in nature. Call forwarding, three-way, or conference calls are prohibited. See the Rule on Telephone (Inmate) for more information.

Professional Mail

If you have any questions regarding professional visits/telephone calls/legal mail, please contact the facility.