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About Us

The annual Governor's State Employees Food Drive is the largest food drive benefiting the Oregon Food Bank Network.


To help the Oregon Food Bank Network feed someone who is hungry.

Mission statement

To collect funds and food for the Oregon Food Bank Network through fundraising events and donations collected during the month of February.


Annual Performance Measures

Each year, at the Governor's direction a statewide coordinator is designated by the Department of Administrative Services to serve as the food drive chairperson. Agency Coordinators are also identified for each agency, as well as site/office coordinators for section and local offices within each agency. The planning team, assembled by the statewide coordinator, plans and organizes themes, materials and a drive kick-off for all agency coordinators. All coordinators work together to make the food drive a success and ultimately benefit many hungry Oregonians.


This site contains the information you need to know to make the food drive a success. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to contact the statewide coordinator listed under Contact us.


In the spring of 1979, Governor Atiyeh initiated Oregon Food Share, the first statewide food distribution network in the nation and the predecessor of the Oregon Food Bank Network, This was in response to federal cutbacks in food stamp allotments, now referred to as SNAP.

Then in 1982, Governor Atiyeh started the Governor's State Employees Food Drive, calling on every state agency to sponsor a food drive "to reduce the suffering of those without adequate food resources" and "to show that true Oregonians believe that we can and do help our friends and neighbors in need."

Poster gallery of food drive posters since 2001

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