Proposed rule changes are open for public comment and input for a specified period of time.  Comments can be submitted to the agency rules coordinator at karen.lynne.howard@oregon.gov. Subscribe to receive email notifications of public hearings on proposed rules.

Current Oregon Administrative Rules pertaining to the HECC are linked to here.

Upcoming Public Hearings​

Title of Rule(s)
Public Hearing Notice
Date of Hearing
Time of Hearing
​Oregon Youth Corps Support Voucher
Public Hearing Notice.pdf
​October 19, 2020

Oregon Promise Grant Program Eligibility for Foster Children
Public Hearing Notice
October 19, 2020
​Private Career Schools: Emergency State Authorization for Non-Oregon, Non-Authorized School
Public Hearing Notice
​October 19, 2020

Recently Adopted Rules

Recent permanent and temporary rules approved and filed with the Secretary of State.

​​Chapter​Title of Rule(s)​
​Published Rule Text
​​Effective Date
​Providing licensure and regulatory flexibility to licensed schools in response to COVID-19
Permanent Rule Text.pdf
​September 23, 2020
​Increasing flexibility of state administered financial aid eligibility requirements due to COVID-19
Permanent Rule Text.pdf
​July 10, 2020

​Providing for temporary closure mechanism for institutions regulated by the Office of Degree Authorization
Permanent Rule Text.pdf
​July 10, 2020

​Office of Community Colleges and Workforce Development
​Permanent Rule Text​.pdf
​July 7, 2020

​Emergency State Authorization for Non-Oregon, Non-A​uthorized Schools
Temporary Rule Text.pdf
​May 14, 2020
Community Stewardship Corps Vouchers
​Temporary Rule Text.pdf
​May 14, 2020 

Office of Community Colleges and Workforce Development
​Temporary Rule Text​.pdf
​May 14, 2020

​Barbers and Hairdressers Grant Progam - Conditions of Award
​Temporary Rule Text
​April 10, 2020

​Standards and Procedures for Schools Required to Obtain Authorization to Offer Academic Degrees in Oregon, or Required to Establish Exemption - Temporary Closure
​Temporary​ Rule Text
​April 10, 2020
​Private Career Schools - License Fees
Temporary Rule Text

​April 10, 2020
​Temporary School Closure - Private Career Schools
Permanent Rule Text.pdf
​February 14, 2020
Temporary School Closure - Private Career Schools
Temporary Rule Text.pdf
​December 17, 2019

​Oregon National Guard State Tuition Assistance (HB 2817)
​Permanent Rule Text.pdf ​
​​​December 17, 2019​​
Oregon Promise 
​​Permanent Rule Text.pdf
​​December 17, 2019

​Oregon Opportunity Grant Program Report​
Permanent Rule Text​​August 15, 2019​
​575​Scholarship Program for Children of Deceased or Disabled Public Safety Officers​Permanent Rule Text​​June 3, 2019
​575​Oregon National Guard State Tuition Assistance ProgramPermanent Rule Text​May 7, 2019
​575​Oregon Teacher Scholars Program Rules​​Permanent Rule Text​​May 7, 2019
​575Student Child Care Grant
Permanent Rule Text​February 22, 2019
​575​Barbers and Hairdressers Grant ProgramPermanent Rule Text​February 22, 2019
​715​Capital Infrastructure Repair and Renewal Distribution FormulaPermanent Rule Text​February 24, 2019
​715​Changes to Rules Affecting Private Career School Investi​gations​Permanent Rule Text​February 24, 2019​​
​715​​Modifications to Private Career School License Fee schedule​Permanent Rule Text​January 8, 2019​
​715Modification to uses of Tuition Protection Fund
​Permanent Rule Text​January 8, 2019
​589​Community College Service District Boundary Elections
Permanent Rule Text​January 8, 2019
​715​Cosmetology curriculum updates to include proficiency based school standards​
Permanent Rule Text​January 8, 2019
​715​​High School Based College Credit Partnerships​Permanent Rule Text​​December 28, 2018
​715​Educational Attainment Goal for Adult Oregonians​Permanent Rule Text​​December 28, 2018
​715​​Modifications to Engineering Technology Sustaining FundsPermanent Rule Text​August 2, 2018
​715​Modifications to the Public University Support Fund distribution​Permanent Rule Text​​August 2, 2018
​575Alters definitions, reduces background check requirements, and makes minor and conforming changes to ASPIRE
Permanent Rule Text​July 18, 2018
​589A​llows Oregon community colleges to develop and issue non-credit training certificates
​​Permanent Rule Text​​July 18, 2018​
​575​​Implement cost controls for Oregon Promise program, as provided by Senate Bill 1032 (2017)
​Permanent Rule Text​February 9, 2018
​​583, 589, and 715​​Student Complaints against public universities, community colleges, private non-profit institutions, and private career schoolsPermanent Rule Text​December 18, 2017
​715​​Distribution of Engineering Technology Sustaining Funds to Oregon public universities
​Temporary Rule Text​​December 18, 2017

​Distribution of Engineering Technology Sustaining Funds to Oregon public universities
Temporary Rule Text​October 20, 2017
​575​​Implement cost controls for Oregon Promise Program, as provided by SB 1032 (2017)​​Temporary Rule Text​​​August 11, 2017​
 ​ ​​​​​​​​​

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