​​​Student​ Complaints

The first course of action for students filing a complaint against an Oregon-based public university, community college, private postsecondary career school or private college, university or online degree program is to make a "good faith" effort to resolve the complaint directly with the institution involved. 

Note: For students who have not exhausted the institutions' grievance process, resources are available on each individual institutions website, academic catalog or student handbook.

The Commission may only receive written complaints from students for postsecondary programs, private independent non-profit colleges, public universities and community colleges for matters where the Commission’s authority is designated by statute and administrative rule. All other complaints will be referred back to the institution of origin or may be referred to the US Department of Education or other authority.

The Commission investigates and resolves complaints against Oregon public universities and community colleges related to discrimination, as defined by ORS 659.850, and retaliation, as defined by ORS 659.852​.

Students can file complaints against private career schools under ORS 345.120 and ORS 345.240​. Students who attend institutions online may also file or have their complaints referred to the proper authority through HECC. Please see the contact information below, or write to complaints@hecc.oregon.gov.​

We recommend that you contact a complaint specialist before submitting any documentation. 

​Type of Program ​Contact Person ​Contact Information
​Community Colleges Luis Juárez ​​
​Private Career School Tabatha Heater​
​Public University Kia Sorensen​ 503-947-2448
​Private College, University
and Online Degree Program
Sean Pollack​ 503-947-5925
​Financial Aid Holly Willeford​ ​541-687-7466
All-degree granting private postsecondary institutions offering academic programs in Oregon, or to Oregon students from outside the state, must be approved by the HECC, Office of Academic Policy and Authorization, excluding institutions that are exempt from HECC regulations.